Thursday, August 19, 2010

embroidery, raw canvas, and journaling

what else is a girl to do while she's at home convalescing. yup. incessant sneezing, scratchy throat, headache, and temperature, and the sweats. and it's not even winter yet. there certainly is nothing worse than being sick when it's beautiful outside.

E is at daycare and X is at day camp. and i'm home trying to get better. but out of boredom i pulled out and photographed a few things i'm working on. they're works in progress, like most of my projects are these days. laugh.

i bought the itop. yup. it makes covered brads. cover them with whatever you want: raw canvas, paper, fabric, ribbon. you can match brads to projects. and i swear this is the most addicting tool i have ever bought (ok next to my iphone, must be the 'i' thing). i can't make enough buttons out of everything. here is a sample of two i had close by. aren't they adorable?

On to project #2. painted raw canvas journal cover using patterned paper by pamela garrison as my inspiration. i'm fanatical about making journals. and fanatical about using raw canvas these days. it's so fun and versatile. here's the front"

and here's the back.

project #3: embroidery sampler. this has been in the works for ever now. and i manage to pick it up every now and again. my ultimate favorite are the cherries. it's a clear stamp from Studio Calico. I've also been using some of pamela garrison's clear stamps (over at Creschendoh's site). they're fabulous outlines for embroidery. just take a look:

project #4: another canvas painted journal. you may have seen this before on my blog. but it wasn't until recently that i've started filling it up with 'stuff'. love that butterfly stencil from Ed Roth, Stenciling 101.

here's one of my favorite pages. i'm filling it up with journaling and little bits of memories that i want to document. like how we read midnight moon every night and make up our own version. and words or saying that come out of my children's mouth. you know, that kind of thing.

phew that was exhausting. time for another tylenol, and a nap. ugh. hope tomorrow is a better day.


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Anonymous said...

So cute! thanks for telling me. great minds think alike, wink wink- keep up all the pretty creating!