Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ex 2010

On Saturday afternoon, we made the trek to the Canadian National Exhibition. It's a ritual of Canadian life that every year before the labour day long weekend, you make a visit to a.k.a. 'The Ex', to us Canucks.

The ex was an integral part of my life growing up. It was something we waited for every single year. And even though my mom had to scrounge her money every year, she somehow managed to take us. We may not have had a lot of money, but she always made sure we got all the sweet treats that the ex had to offer, cokes, pizza, cotton candy, candy apples, and lots of tickets to go on rides. The polar express; the merry-go-round; the haunted house; the fun house; and play some games for prized, the ever famous birthday game! Laugh. We never really won anything though.

I remember the excitement of waiting in lines to go on the rides. I'll never ever forget riding the polar express. The spinning backwards at ultra top speed, the guy yelling into the microphone, 'you wanna go faster', and the dance music set at 10000 decibals added to the adrenaline rush. The Polar Express was ALWAYS the first ride we'd go on. And so as tradition has it, it was the first ride we went on last year, and again this year. I took video of Max, Xavier and Domenic as they went on it, I had to stay back because Elisa is still too little for it. It must be the same guy, cause they're still yelling out, 'you wanna go faster?', and the music was piped up reallly really loud. Such sweet memories.

Here's me (having managed to fix my favorite, cheap, broken sun glasses! lol). Thanks to my iphone4 I no longer have to carry my big honking Canon to these events.

Max, my nephew came with us. Where ever Max is, you'll find Elisa. She's attached at his hip when he's around. She just adores her big cousin. And what melts my heart is, he adores her back. It's a good thing.

The two munchkins waiting for their dad as he got the ride tickets. All day passes which meant they could go on all the rides however many times they wanted. And they sure took advantage of that.
Here's my favorite ride and memory of all time. The Polar Express. It's still in the same spot, has the same sign, all the same everything from as far back as I can remember.

And here is a ride that I will never EVER go on. I just can't imagine swinging all the around like that up there. I'd probably faint from fright. I wouldn't let Xavier go on this one. It just freaks me out too much. But it sure does make for a pretty picture.

And my little Elisa. On her favorite ride. The merry-go-round. She's such a little dare-devil. I've never seen such a kid without fear. She knows no fear. She would have gone on all the rides, if they'd have let her. She went on this, the tilt-a-whirl, the ferris wheel, the ultra big slide, the fun house, and the mirrored maze. She couldn't get enough of it.

I did let them however, go on the ferris wheel, but I made Dom go with them. Max opted out of this one. I don't blame him. Xavier was scared the higher it went, and even Dom got the heebie-jeebies, but Elisa, she was up there putting her hand up in the air and yelling, "wheeee". Dom kept trying to keep his arm around her, and she kept yelling at him to let her go. Hilarious. At the end, she said, 'again daddy'.. NOT.

Here she is just having gotten on the ride giving the peace sign. Now where in the world did she learn to do that I'll never know. But it sure made me and Max laugh.

I love the signage and how nothing changes. It's that vintage, carnival feel. Images that lay imprinted in your brain.

This is the entrance. And again, not much has changed about it. I just hope that our kids have fond memories of the exhibition, and the tradition carries on.

It was a blast. The kids had a fabulous time. Adios Ex, we'll see ya again next year. Same time, same place, same rides. It's a good thing.

And I'll leave you with a fun clip of the ride on the ferris wheel. I tried uploading the video of the Polar Express but my computer won't allow it. Not sure why.

Happy Sunday

Friday, August 20, 2010


I love the randomness of the photos i've been taking with my hipstamatic application. It creates these funky, artsy, vintage shots. and i'm totally loving it. you never know what you're really gonna get when you take the photo.

dom hates these pics of the kids sleeping. says it makes them look scary. WHA???? i love them. i think they're awesome.

the only way i can get a shot of x without running away is when he's sleeping.

this was using a different lens and film.

I could just do this alll day long, switching between lenses, film, and cameras. ha. hudda thunk this would be so much damn fun, and so dang easy.

this is me. my self portrait, alla shadow.

and my furry baby S.

and this is me going trigger happy, yes, even in the washroom at work. the mirrors here are huge.
ah, i see some sweet scrapping happening this weekend. yes sir.

funny. as an amateur photog, i wonder what real photog peeps out there think of these applications. if it makes them crazy. or if they appreciate the effects.


off to deal with my screaming children. dang.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

embroidery, raw canvas, and journaling

what else is a girl to do while she's at home convalescing. yup. incessant sneezing, scratchy throat, headache, and temperature, and the sweats. and it's not even winter yet. there certainly is nothing worse than being sick when it's beautiful outside.

E is at daycare and X is at day camp. and i'm home trying to get better. but out of boredom i pulled out and photographed a few things i'm working on. they're works in progress, like most of my projects are these days. laugh.

i bought the itop. yup. it makes covered brads. cover them with whatever you want: raw canvas, paper, fabric, ribbon. you can match brads to projects. and i swear this is the most addicting tool i have ever bought (ok next to my iphone, must be the 'i' thing). i can't make enough buttons out of everything. here is a sample of two i had close by. aren't they adorable?

On to project #2. painted raw canvas journal cover using patterned paper by pamela garrison as my inspiration. i'm fanatical about making journals. and fanatical about using raw canvas these days. it's so fun and versatile. here's the front"

and here's the back.

project #3: embroidery sampler. this has been in the works for ever now. and i manage to pick it up every now and again. my ultimate favorite are the cherries. it's a clear stamp from Studio Calico. I've also been using some of pamela garrison's clear stamps (over at Creschendoh's site). they're fabulous outlines for embroidery. just take a look:

project #4: another canvas painted journal. you may have seen this before on my blog. but it wasn't until recently that i've started filling it up with 'stuff'. love that butterfly stencil from Ed Roth, Stenciling 101.

here's one of my favorite pages. i'm filling it up with journaling and little bits of memories that i want to document. like how we read midnight moon every night and make up our own version. and words or saying that come out of my children's mouth. you know, that kind of thing.

phew that was exhausting. time for another tylenol, and a nap. ugh. hope tomorrow is a better day.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Randomness

For lack of something really exciting and fabulous to tell you, I will show ya through pictures what's been going on in the Di Leo aka crazy household. And using my iphone4 nonetheless. Dang thing is awesome. I didn't know I could love a gadget so much. How does that even become possible?

This is me. All these pics from here on in are from my iphone. You can tell that I really suck at it and can't seem to focus properly!! This is me, right here, right now. Green is my favorite colour. It totally makes me feel instant comfort. You can so tell I'm due for a real haircut (yes, an ongoing issue for almost a year now), and a colour.

And my kids being their goofy selves. Not to mention they destroyed my most favorite $5 sunglasses (despite the fortune I spent on all the expensive namebrands, these remained my most favorite). Now they're gone. And I'm sad. But this sure is a funny pic of my two goofballs.

What really kills me is E's crystal necklace with a humongous E hanging. She looks totally hiphop. All she needs are the silver teeth, right dawg.

And my most favorite shoes of all time. I bought these beauties in Kensington Market. The only other shoes that I wear that get so much attention are my Fluvogs. But these pink beauties get comments such as, 'I LOVE those, where'd you get 'em?', to 'hmm, those. are. interesting' (laugh). They're pink, with silver flowers, with pearl centres, and I love them.

And here's E on her Cat In the Hat fanati-cat stage:

Not so sure the costume will make it to October!!!

And those of you out there who are into bugs. Ahh, what in the hell is this?? Is this that bug that 'buzzes' like a maniac, buzzes that can be heard all the way to the moon and back. We found it dead in our driveway. My sister says it's a treefrog?? gonna go look that up. But I would love to know what it is if you know.

Ok, another cooky pic of my X. With my now broken favorite sunglasses (no more). Dang.

Now that I've bored you to tears. I'll go back to playing with my iphone and purchase a few of the photog applications. Wooohooo... love you iphone4.

Until next time friends,


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Magical Moments

These are the little moments that are the big moments for me. These are the moments that I truly want to remember. Capturing little snippets of time and bottling them up. My little E playing and discovering, full of wonder and curiosity. Such a beautiful time in her life, where all she has to do is grow and play and learn and explore. Magical indeed.

I used products from the August Studio Calico kit. Look at all those gorgeous layer upon layer of flowers (AC and Sassafrass), and the paper doily with the crochet white border. Well that's handmade by mama Carmela. Isn't it just gorgeous?

Here's a closer look at it. First it's handstitched with a blanket stitch, and then she crocheted around it. I then further embellished with more paper flowers by Sassafrass, and another crochet flower by American Crafts. Cute, if I do say so myself! Smile.

Love the cute little butterflies by Jenni Bowlin, flying right off my page. And I think I may be using that date stamp on all my pages from now on. Love it.

So, if you're interested in purchasing one of these paper crocheted doily, send me an email at I've got lots. And lots of them.

And here's some more crochet goodness my mother surprised me with. I've got more where this came from too. Can't wait to use this on a future project.

And these are my kiddos. Always on the go. Running to stand still.

And have been listening to this and this and this.
Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful weekend,

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear Hambly

did I mention I love you? umm, yeah, so I guess I have.

Nothing makes me more happy than creating with Hambly products. Really. I mean, just look at this. Makes me just wanna smile and die in Hambly heaven. lol.

Off to watch the Cat in the Hat with E and X. It's the new craze in our home. Oy.

Happy weekend,