Thursday, July 22, 2010

Me Today

this is me today:

am praying my little E feels better after 5 days of a stomach flu
most time feeling like a 50 year old in a 30 something body
most times feeling like a 20 year old in a 30 something body
am loving my macbook pro
looking forward to getting an iphone
gonna take 'guerilla photography' course
hate tv
love listening to my music (this, this, this, and this)
very excited 'The Cat In the Hat' tv show premieres this fall on treehouse, we LOVE Dr. Seuss
really REALLY want a wee dog (like this, this or this)
am counting every penny until we can purchase a cottage, get-away home
wishing we had the dough NOW to purchase our dream cottage NOW NOW NOW
aspire to have more patience
love two espressos the morning, and my afternoon Timmy's (aka Tim Horton's)
visit Shoppers Drug Mart at least once a day
checking out workshops and programs offered here and here
want to purchase original works of art from my favorite artists (hint hint Misty)
love watching my little E sleep, such an angel
love xavier's big wide contagious smile
love how Domenic's heart just melts when his little E asks him for something
love it that Samson follows me everywhere and then sits by my side
am thankful for day camp and that X is enjoying it
am hoping that summer last extra long this year
looking forward to a cool, crisp fall
missing my turtle necks and jeans
trying to incorporate more skirts into my daily wardrobe
still trying to lose some belly fat
am glad to be alive and well and blogging and sharing my heart with those I love
grateful for those of you who read this blog
thankful for the internet and the connectivity and visiting blogs and websites that inspire me

---- Francesca Di Leo, 07/22/2010, 1:25 pm
off to check out the BIG box that came for me this morning... Studio Calico, I love thee...

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