Friday, July 9, 2010

a little of this and a little of that

i've been a little unmotivated. ok, very unmotivated to be more exact.
i'm coughing it up to the awfully humid weather we've had all week. we've been inside with the air conditioner cranked to 1000, so i guess we're all suffering from cabin fever. it finally rained today which has given us some respite from the smouldering heat. the kind of heat that hits you like a brick wall when coming out of an air conditioned room. the kind of heat that sweat beads instantaneously form all over your body after only a second. that kind of suffocating, unbearable, insufferable kind of heat. the kind of heat that sucks away every single drop of creative juice you thought you had. sucked dry. i'm still waiting for my mojo to come back. slowly but surely the resevoire is replenishing itself.
Elisa, at three years old (and five months) you:

- love going to playgroup
- love to sing and dance
- love to bug your big brother
- like to play with Xavier's marvel superhero toys
- your favorite movie is Alice In Wonderland
- still sleep with your hot little hand on my neck
- give the best hugs and kisses
- won't let me touch your hair, let alone put it in a braid or ponytail, EVER
- love watching movies with me
- adore your dad and love hanging out with him
- have the darkest tanned skin, just like your dad
- want to do everything xavier does
- will eat everything but simply adore pasta with tomato sauce
- are sweet, have a beautiful smile, and a contagious giggle

and we all absolutely adore you.

Xavier, at 6 year old (and ten months) you:

- are pushing every button and testing your boundaries
- want to be independent, but yet still want hugs and kisses
- worship your older cousin Max
- adore hanging out with your dad, and i see you mirroring his behaviour
- have had only two bottom teeth that have fallen out
- graduated from grade 1 and will start grade 2 in September
- love playing video games, especially the M rated games which should be off limits
- will eat us out of house and home with your ravenous appetite
- have boundless energy
- are an awesome reader, and your printing is better than most adults
- fall asleep in half a second when your head touches the pillow
- have the widest, brightest smile that lights up a room and my heart
- still have light blond hair, and white porceline skin

and my world would not be the same without you

happy Saturday everyone.


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