Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Hot, It's Hot, It's Hot In here

(bluffers park, lake ontario, photo courtesy of my hubby)

cause I've got something cooking and it's pretty hot and exciting. I can't wait to share it with you. I hope I can pull this off. I've been wanting to do this for a very long time and now I just might do it after all. On your mark, get set, and go now... yup, I'm gonna do it after all (as I twirl in the rain, throwing my hat up in the air ala Mary Tyler Moore).

I can't give you much info right now, so stay tuned I should be ready in the next little while.

How do you say, 'le exciting', 'le magnificent', 'le i can't wait'....

Ok, maybe I'm just delirious because of the heat and humidity. The barometric pressure is off the charts. Or perhaps it Mondo Beyondo, really starting to happen to me. Funny how this one idea started as a faint little idea way back in the background of my mind, and how it's slowly but surely made it's way into the foreground. And is now taking off in all kinds of exciting directions. My brain is a whirl of ideas.

Hmm. Experimenting with ideas, and leaning into the possibilities and testing the wings. Feels good. Mondo Beyondo, thanks for helping me to put my dreams and ideas on paper, both big and small. This is a tiny step forward. And hopefully many more leaps and bounds to come.

I'm having a euphoric moment right now. Not sure why it's taken me so long to figure this out.

However, I might just wake up tomorrow morning and change my mind. I'm an aquarian. I get bored of some of my own ideas rather quickly. Let's see if this one sticks. If for just a little while. Laugh.
Yeah, I'm nuts.

Here's a little hint, it's gonna be called FnF Designs. hint hint.

And whoever makes the right guess will get a big, fat, nice surprise package in the mail from me (let's just say you'll be one happy scrappin' camper if you win). Yes, to you who guesses what I'm up to. Smile.

Ready, set, go...

Adios amigos,


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MotorCityMystic said...

It's hot here (Detroit), too. I love taking online classes. My brain spins with ideas.