Sunday, July 25, 2010

capturing the moments of life

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I love Ali's, Story of Today template. It's simple, it's classic and works so well when you really want to tell the story of the photo(s). It's doubly awesome because you can go completely digital with this template, or go hybrid, like I like to do (only because I'd rather get my pics printed at a shop as opposed to with my own printer, uses way too much ink).

I'm still learning how to use Photoshop Elements however Ali's tutorials have been so helpful to me. I've even emailed her with questions and she's replied back in half a second, despite her busy life. How awesome is she. Thanks Ali!

I plan to make a page like this for the big events: like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthdays. With a second page with collaged photos and possibly some more journaling.

So, on Saturday night we went to my brother's place in Woodbridge where they were hosting their annual street party. It was a blast. This is my first page, using Ali's 8.5' x 11' template:

The second page will be a collaged page of photos with possibly some additional words.

Here is another page I'm working on with one of Ali's free scripts, Capturing the moments of life, found here:

this picture of X with his first lost tooth so cracks me up. He was so proud to have finally lost a tooth. And so very excited to have the tooth fairy pay him a visit. But even more funny, is if you look past X's shoulder, you'll see E sitting on a chair playing the bongos! Hilarious. Yes peeps, this is my life. Love getting moments like this on camera. So precious to me.

and this:

Little E playing amongst the 'wishes', as she calls them. She so reminds me of little Alice in Wonderland with her active imagination and curious nature. A true gift from God.

These two pictures will eventually make it to a scrap page. I just received a huge box from Studio Calico, the main kit, plus two add-ons, and some other goodies from the shop. Woohoo. Hopefully I'll find some time to actually use all that goodness. Did I mention how giddy I get when I get a visit from the postman! LOL... I love getting scrapping goodness sent to me right to my door.

Ok, back to learning how to use hybrid elements. If you have any good resources, please do share in the comments section below. If you do stop by, please do comment so I can visit your blog. I love blog hopping and learning from all of you too.

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