Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hoops and Wings

a little while ago i started making this sweet little butterfly. and it started like this:

and then i got to this:

then i got side tracked by another project, as i normally do, and it just sat there.


waiting patiently for me to come back to it. well, i've finally made my way back. and i'm so happy i did. this is what it now looks:

and this is the template i used. i got it from the lovely playingwithbrushes, on flick here. She's got all kinds of antique butterfly patterns you can print off and use. fabulousness.

this cute little thang will make it's way onto a journal cover, in conjunction with some wrapping paper i originally saw over at papaya art by pamela garrison. can't tell you how excited i was when i accidentally found it at a local store called red pegasus, here in Toronto after hours and hours of trying to find it, unsuccessfully, on-line. i scared the girl when i shouted, wide-eyed, 'oh my gawd, you have this, you have this... i'll take two of each please. do you know how long i've been looking for this, and all this time it was here, just down the street from me'. yup. she thought i was nuts getting so excited over wrapping paper. what can i say. i love patterned paper. still trying to find it online to show you a picture of them, to no avail, but take a look at this post by Pam and you'll see why i went ballistic when i found it. uber-gorgeousness.

so, red pagasus, i love you. and if you're in the toronto area, you must make a visit to college street (aka little italy), and check out this rad little shop. college street is one of my most favorite parts of town with all kinds of cute shops with quirky stuff that us artsy people tend to like! smile.

off to go pick up xavier from school, and elisa from her play-group (as she calls it).

happy June 1st,

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