Monday, June 28, 2010

HAMBLY you break my heart

this week has been literally the week from hell. it's tried my patience on every front: home, work, emotional and physical:
Domenic being away for a week due to G20 corporate security 'stuff'.
T.O.R.I.C. 2010 - the course from hell that i coordinate every year for 42+ students
kids, school, laundry
a dog who twisted his ankle (and is now limping), just after we terminated his insurance (he's now 9 years old and coverage was no longer worth what were paying, or was it now that he's twisted his damn ankle), oy

but, i laugh. otherwise i'd be pulling my hair out. domenic came back home this morning and i'm relieved. at least now i'll have one other person who i can delegate the yelling to! laugh (see i say laugh again, rather than cry!).

maybe someday i'll say i'll miss these days. ah. me thinks not-so-much.

on another more fun note. ok. maybe not so fun. i didn't make the hambly design team. another reason why i was so heart broken. i so would love to make it on the hambly team. but oh well. it wasn't meant to be. i still had fun making these pages with their ever gorgeous products.

i promise to be more chipper in my next post. but since a lot of bloggers i frequent are on this 'tell-it-like-it-is', 'be-real' kick, i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon (although i've never been one to post 'pretty-ized' blog posts. it's just not how i roll.

so there you go my friends. speaking of friends thanks to Marie and Giselle for some really helpful tips... and encouragement. i really do have the best neighbours ev-ah! really, i do. and speaking of friends... thanks to Teri and Nicole (with littles Jack and Grace) for coming over. loved catching up over some pee and spit up. really, it was a blast. lol.

more G20 protests tonight at Queens park. what a mess. not even sure anymore about what they're protesting. so sad how the real message gets lost in huge, over-charged crowds.

happy monday night,

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