Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free, Free At Last

that's how I felt. free. free. FREE when dom finally took the brats out. i'm so sick and tired these days of moderating fights between X and E. houw could it be that they fight over the smallest of things. if E has an elastic in her hands, X wants it, and they fight. if X is playing with his bionicles, E will grab a piece and run off with it, sparking yet another fight. if i give E the yellow cup, she wants the pink cup. if i give X some juice, E has to have some too, and it better be the same height otherwise there's a fight. why. oh why. why. i'm so feeling at the end of my rope these days, with my two. i was at the brink of losing my head and screaming at the top of my lungs when dom said he'd take them out to the park and tucker them out.

man, oh man. i thought parenting was supposed to get easier as they get older. well, it doesn't. not for me anyway! laugh. where in the world did i ever get that notion?

so. the minute they left, i immediately dropped what i was doing. pfff, the house cleaning could wait. my sanity, could not. so i cranked my music, and downstairs to the basement i went. my scraproom. my sanctuary.

and created these two pages using mostly items from my last two studio calico kits and my beloved hambly. it felt good. hadn't scrapped in a while. and it came easily. i find that when i love the photo, scrapping always comes easier to me.

(thanks Ali for the inspiration to journal right on the photo. so love the effect)

Happy day everyone!
p.s. off to little italy to watch the soccer game, and hopefully celebrate a win!! forza italia.

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Cheryl said...

GORGEOUS!!! love love your style! and i'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed with children that are getting a little older too. i deliberately made my art space in the living space so i can work all day, but it turns out i'm just telling london "NO!" all day! lol!