Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Fabric Inspiration

What do all these photos have in common, you ask?

They're all fabric samples I found at Spoonflower. A whole new batch of inspiration found whilst blog hopping. This is a funky little site with awesome custom made fabrics, called Spoonflower.

Imagine turning a photo, or some of your art journal pages, or even your childrens art pages into fabric... like this for example. How cute is that.

Or this woodgrain fabric in pink; or this, or this, or this. Yes, I still love love love woodgrain anything. I covet my woodgrain papers, and stamp.

The pennant (or banner) craze has made it's way to fabric too. Check it out here.

Or these gorgeous graphic patterns by Holli Zollinger, like this, and this, and this. Me thinks these must be added to my fabric stash. Now.

And I love love love these patterns by troismiettes. They remind me of very American Crafts kind of style, no? check it out here, and here, and here.

Totally inspired to turn something I've created onto fabric.

Hmm, my brain is whirling with ideas. I remember seeing Teesha Moore do something like this, and she used her journal pages as fodder for the fabric, that she then turned the fabric into a journal cover. We took an on-line class given by Mary Ann Moss, over at Dispatch from LA.. and Teesha made her journal cover with it. I'm trying to find a pic of it.. and will post when I do find it.

So that's it for tonight.

Not too much happened this weekend. Just the same 'ol stuff:

- moderated fights between X and E, one TOO many times
- swept the floor about a GA-ZILLION times 'cause Samson is shedding his fur like crazy
- cleaned the house
- did some laundry
- raided everyone's closet for stuff to get rid of at our street sale next Saturday
- ate italian, lemon gelato
- made my lunches for next week (sheppherds pie, and tamale caserole, oh so yum)
- started a little project with a wedding photo of my parents, at the request of my mom

See, told ya. Nothing extraordinary, in this ordinary life of mine. Wish I had some wild tale to tell, but alas, it's almost July sneak reveal night over at SC, so gotta go.

Have a great week!

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