Monday, June 28, 2010

HAMBLY you break my heart

this week has been literally the week from hell. it's tried my patience on every front: home, work, emotional and physical:
Domenic being away for a week due to G20 corporate security 'stuff'.
T.O.R.I.C. 2010 - the course from hell that i coordinate every year for 42+ students
kids, school, laundry
a dog who twisted his ankle (and is now limping), just after we terminated his insurance (he's now 9 years old and coverage was no longer worth what were paying, or was it now that he's twisted his damn ankle), oy

but, i laugh. otherwise i'd be pulling my hair out. domenic came back home this morning and i'm relieved. at least now i'll have one other person who i can delegate the yelling to! laugh (see i say laugh again, rather than cry!).

maybe someday i'll say i'll miss these days. ah. me thinks not-so-much.

on another more fun note. ok. maybe not so fun. i didn't make the hambly design team. another reason why i was so heart broken. i so would love to make it on the hambly team. but oh well. it wasn't meant to be. i still had fun making these pages with their ever gorgeous products.

i promise to be more chipper in my next post. but since a lot of bloggers i frequent are on this 'tell-it-like-it-is', 'be-real' kick, i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon (although i've never been one to post 'pretty-ized' blog posts. it's just not how i roll.

so there you go my friends. speaking of friends thanks to Marie and Giselle for some really helpful tips... and encouragement. i really do have the best neighbours ev-ah! really, i do. and speaking of friends... thanks to Teri and Nicole (with littles Jack and Grace) for coming over. loved catching up over some pee and spit up. really, it was a blast. lol.

more G20 protests tonight at Queens park. what a mess. not even sure anymore about what they're protesting. so sad how the real message gets lost in huge, over-charged crowds.

happy monday night,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free, Free At Last

that's how I felt. free. free. FREE when dom finally took the brats out. i'm so sick and tired these days of moderating fights between X and E. houw could it be that they fight over the smallest of things. if E has an elastic in her hands, X wants it, and they fight. if X is playing with his bionicles, E will grab a piece and run off with it, sparking yet another fight. if i give E the yellow cup, she wants the pink cup. if i give X some juice, E has to have some too, and it better be the same height otherwise there's a fight. why. oh why. why. i'm so feeling at the end of my rope these days, with my two. i was at the brink of losing my head and screaming at the top of my lungs when dom said he'd take them out to the park and tucker them out.

man, oh man. i thought parenting was supposed to get easier as they get older. well, it doesn't. not for me anyway! laugh. where in the world did i ever get that notion?

so. the minute they left, i immediately dropped what i was doing. pfff, the house cleaning could wait. my sanity, could not. so i cranked my music, and downstairs to the basement i went. my scraproom. my sanctuary.

and created these two pages using mostly items from my last two studio calico kits and my beloved hambly. it felt good. hadn't scrapped in a while. and it came easily. i find that when i love the photo, scrapping always comes easier to me.

(thanks Ali for the inspiration to journal right on the photo. so love the effect)

Happy day everyone!
p.s. off to little italy to watch the soccer game, and hopefully celebrate a win!! forza italia.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Fabric Inspiration

What do all these photos have in common, you ask?

They're all fabric samples I found at Spoonflower. A whole new batch of inspiration found whilst blog hopping. This is a funky little site with awesome custom made fabrics, called Spoonflower.

Imagine turning a photo, or some of your art journal pages, or even your childrens art pages into fabric... like this for example. How cute is that.

Or this woodgrain fabric in pink; or this, or this, or this. Yes, I still love love love woodgrain anything. I covet my woodgrain papers, and stamp.

The pennant (or banner) craze has made it's way to fabric too. Check it out here.

Or these gorgeous graphic patterns by Holli Zollinger, like this, and this, and this. Me thinks these must be added to my fabric stash. Now.

And I love love love these patterns by troismiettes. They remind me of very American Crafts kind of style, no? check it out here, and here, and here.

Totally inspired to turn something I've created onto fabric.

Hmm, my brain is whirling with ideas. I remember seeing Teesha Moore do something like this, and she used her journal pages as fodder for the fabric, that she then turned the fabric into a journal cover. We took an on-line class given by Mary Ann Moss, over at Dispatch from LA.. and Teesha made her journal cover with it. I'm trying to find a pic of it.. and will post when I do find it.

So that's it for tonight.

Not too much happened this weekend. Just the same 'ol stuff:

- moderated fights between X and E, one TOO many times
- swept the floor about a GA-ZILLION times 'cause Samson is shedding his fur like crazy
- cleaned the house
- did some laundry
- raided everyone's closet for stuff to get rid of at our street sale next Saturday
- ate italian, lemon gelato
- made my lunches for next week (sheppherds pie, and tamale caserole, oh so yum)
- started a little project with a wedding photo of my parents, at the request of my mom

See, told ya. Nothing extraordinary, in this ordinary life of mine. Wish I had some wild tale to tell, but alas, it's almost July sneak reveal night over at SC, so gotta go.

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

journal to go

this is what i'll be using this summer to journal in. my favorite journal that i've made thus far. it's summery, and fresh, and bright, and cheerful. what do you think?

frame: melissa frances; white alphas: togo; sweet alphas: studio calico; butterflies: heidi swapp; background pp; pamela garrison by papayaart; pearls: prima; ribbon: unknown (from my local textiles store); button: studio calico

paper flowers: lollychops tutorial; butterfly: handmand by me; brown pompom riboon: in my studio calico kit; pearls: prima; blue button flower: making memories vintage

i wish i had waited to take better pics of it... the sun has gone down and it was rather dark.. but i was too impatient to wait till tomorrow. laugh. but you get the gist of it.

off to enjoy the last little bit of the day before putting the kiddos down to bed. oy.

a demain mes amies,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hoops and Wings

a little while ago i started making this sweet little butterfly. and it started like this:

and then i got to this:

then i got side tracked by another project, as i normally do, and it just sat there.


waiting patiently for me to come back to it. well, i've finally made my way back. and i'm so happy i did. this is what it now looks:

and this is the template i used. i got it from the lovely playingwithbrushes, on flick here. She's got all kinds of antique butterfly patterns you can print off and use. fabulousness.

this cute little thang will make it's way onto a journal cover, in conjunction with some wrapping paper i originally saw over at papaya art by pamela garrison. can't tell you how excited i was when i accidentally found it at a local store called red pegasus, here in Toronto after hours and hours of trying to find it, unsuccessfully, on-line. i scared the girl when i shouted, wide-eyed, 'oh my gawd, you have this, you have this... i'll take two of each please. do you know how long i've been looking for this, and all this time it was here, just down the street from me'. yup. she thought i was nuts getting so excited over wrapping paper. what can i say. i love patterned paper. still trying to find it online to show you a picture of them, to no avail, but take a look at this post by Pam and you'll see why i went ballistic when i found it. uber-gorgeousness.

so, red pagasus, i love you. and if you're in the toronto area, you must make a visit to college street (aka little italy), and check out this rad little shop. college street is one of my most favorite parts of town with all kinds of cute shops with quirky stuff that us artsy people tend to like! smile.

off to go pick up xavier from school, and elisa from her play-group (as she calls it).

happy June 1st,