Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mothers day surprise

well my family sure as heck did a great job with surprising me this morning. two dozen red roses, hand made cards, xavier's made in school and elisa's made at her play group. domenic, my dear sweet husband was an ultra good listener this year and REALLY surprised me with MacBookPro, which i'm using right now to update my blog... and which i've been playing with practically all day. I'm in love with it. so much to get used to. so different and better than an pc. the difference in unbelievable.

we've taken some imovies:

And we've taken some photobooth shots:

Had some fun with playing around with the effects. the andy warhol effect! love love love it all so much.

now off to upload x's spring concert performance of 'when i'm 64', and 'love love me do', and try out some cool effects... me thinks i'll be spending llllllooooooottttssss of time on this puter.

and then off to try to finish some laundry, otherwise we'll all be going to work, school, and play group naked! laugh. what a sight that would be.

have a wonderful week,

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