Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Mixed Media Skirt! UPDATED

Finally done! And can't wait to wear it. I bought some raw canvas, cut out the skirt form, used my huge stamp from Donna Downey with Golden, acrylic fluid paint (in gold green), added some ruffles with my fabrics from Anna Maria Horner, stitched it all up, and here you go!

(Edited later in the day:) I forgot to include a picture of the front of the skirt. Silly, silly me. In my excitement and haste to get it posted, I forgot to post the best part of the skirt.. The front. And my appliqued butterfly:

And this my friends, is the back!!

I love the ruffles... so feminine and ultra cute. The fabrics are just incredible. If you don't know Anna Maria's fabric collections, you must go here NOW.
And my favorite part.... the side tie. There's an invisible zipper, and a tie for more prettyness.

I'm in love with it and can't wait to wear it. Hopefully tomorrow, weather premitting.

So, what'd ya think?
(later edited to include the following)
notes: inspired by Donna Downey, please see here
products used: raw canvas bought from DeSerres art supply store
stamp: Baby's Breath Foam Stamp, by Donna Downey
paint: Golden, fluid acrylic paint in GoldGreen
STAMPING: my process
The baby's breath foam stamp is 11" x 3.75", is the hugest I've seen out on the market thus far. And I can't use it enough!
I put the fluid acrylic paint in a flat dish, made it a tad more fluid by adding just a bit of water, lapped it up with a foam brush, and generously brushed it onto the foam stamp. Then I simply stamped like any other stamp. It's that easy.
I guess I could have used fabric paint, but I went ahead and used my fluid acrylic paint from Golden and only because it's what I had on hand. If you have fabric paint, I'd use that. Not sure how it'll wash with the acrylic paint, but I guess I'll find out!



Trudy Callan said...

Oh my! My mouth is hanging open. I am so impressed. I adore this skirt. I want to make one. How do you use that huge stamp? Do you use permanent ink pads, paint it on with fabric paint?

Anonymous said...

you are AWESOME!!!!
i love it!

Trudy Callan said...

Thanks for the update.

finnabair said...

great creation - I love it!