Sunday, May 30, 2010

intuition and new beginnings

(photo courtesy of Domenic Di Leo)

where will my path lead me?

do you ever get that nudging feeling in the pit of your stomach; that feeling that never really leaves you; like something is about to happen? don't know quite what it is but it's this feeling that's been tugging at my heart, and whispering to me. well, i'm listening. but i can't figure out what it's trying to tell me. i get this every now and then, almost prophetic.. something will come of it, but i may not know what it is for a while.

sometimes it comes to me in dreams. dreams that are so vivid and so real that they linger with me for days. just a little while ago, i had a dream that the world was coming to an end. i woke up with that, 'what was all that about' running in my head. doesn't the end of the world symbolize new beginnings? i don't bother looking up dream dictionaries because they all say something different. and i kinda like to figure out the meaning of my dreams on my own. i sure hope it does mean a new beginning. i could use a fresh start. something new in my life. something totally exciting. new beginning, i'm ready for you.

new beginnings, i hope you take the form of:

- house renovations
1) basement (rec room for the kids), washroom including renovating the claw tooth cast iron tub i have sitting in my garage for the last few years, and the backyard so we have an outdoor living space during the summers.
2) i want white walls, white everything with splashes of colour in the accessories. i'm going all white folks, regardless of having two very young children (who always manage to have dirty hands and faces!) i'm bored of my dark furniture and my coloured walls.
3) i want all new bedding in my room. bed frame, mattress, linens. everything.
if there is one thing i've learned, thanks to Mondo Beyondo, it's that if i need something, i need to put it out there. i need to put it in writing and send it off into the world. and eventually the universe starts to listen and will helm me get the ball rolling. sounds wishy-washy, but it's true. try it. i've seen it happen to me already.

so, in the best Mondo Beyondo dreaming i'm going to put it out into the universe that i want my own studio space.

i'd love to own, but renting may have to do for now. i want a space i can retreat to and create. a place to call my own where i can lose myself in paint, and paper, and creative bliss. i don't want it to be in my home. i want it to be somewhere i can escape to beyond the confines of my home. somewhere far enough that my fighting children's screams and whining won't reach me. somewhere i can truly call my sanctuary. but there is only one caveat. i don't drive. never got my license. yup. believe it or not such people exist, and i'm one of 'em. it has to be somewhere in the city that i can have easy access to.

how's that for dreaming big. now if i could only grow a money tree so i could make all this happen!!! all the powers in the universe can't make this happen without the 'dough' to bring it to fruition. hmph. sigh.

house reno's, studio space, i'll keep you on my radar, and somehow, someway, make you happen.

so now that i've bored you to tears...

here are a couple of pics to make you smile. X and E, enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful weather.

X, oh my, he's actually posing and smiling at the same time. allelujah!

E getting tired of posing and making faces!

I've created a mini-album that displays my 'messy' sanctuary, aka my basement that acts as my current 'studio'. it's so cute. i managed to complete the cover and two pages. i'll post when it's done. promise.

Happy day all,

p.s. is it really June already?

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