Monday, May 17, 2010

i'm 'that' mom

Thanks to Shona Cole for the lovely item I won. She is an artist and mother who has inspired me and many more moms to be creative in the everyday. Being creative with whatever muse you choose. If you haven't visited her blog, check it out here. And you must check out her newest book, The Artistic Mother. I have it, and love it. Choc-full of inspiration and encouragement, and ideas on how to balance mothering and creativity.

I'm that mom.

(photo courtesy of Xavier, taken with my cell phone)

I'm the mom that:

always has a speck of paint on my hands, or in my hair, or on my face, or on the kitchen table, or in the basement sink

always encourages her kids to take part in all the creative activities possible: make believe stories; making up dances in our kitchen; painting and mixing colours; gardening; drawing; painting

always has some kind of creative project on the go... at least 3 -5 in progress, each sitting in a corner of the kitchen counter waiting to be picked up when the inspiration strikes: a blessing stitching project; a handmade journal; a mini-scrabook; an apron made of raw canvas; a few scrapbook pages

always has a good cry when she sees an emotional movie, or commercial, or someone else crying! doesn't take much these days

has a good yell at kids and husband at least twice a week (ok more if you include the dog)

has trouble getting off the computer when she really should be cooking dinner for the family

has to be creative in order to feel fully content: scrapbooking, collaging, art journaling, painting, photography. you get the picture!

craves the day when she can have 'me' time without feeling guilty

fears the day when her children grow up and don't need her anymore

ecstatic for the day when her children grow up and don't need her anymore

loves to buy shoes. LOTS OF SHOES

loves to blog and gets so excited to post when she has just completed a new project. she's pathetic that way. lol

loves her family fiercly

loves her life

yes. i am that mother. and more.

here to a happy creative monday!



Rebecca Everett said...

Love your list. I think it is too funny about the paint. I got paint on a good skirt today because I had to paint just a little bit more on my vision statement project before leaving for my son's school. I swear I have "painted" 3 good skirts this month alone.

Tiffani said...

I agree - great list! Real and fun, too!