Saturday, May 22, 2010

Days Gone By

I can't imagine my parents been this young! It always strikes me when I see these pictures of them. It also always strikes me when I see old pictures that us folks use in our creative endeavours for art journaling, mixed media etc, and add hats on them, or wings, or all kinds of crazy things. We do this because we don't know who they are or what their stories are, so we make them up in our minds eye.

Well, I don't want these pictures to end up with dunce hats and all kinds of other ephemera with made up stories. I want to tell their story. I want to give their stories a voice. And in turn give my children, and grand children a sense of their history, and their Italian heritage. I want them to be remembered. I want their story to be told and retold. This will be my ode to my parents:

Their wedding day: October 1956, Salvatore and Carmela Giordanella, Toronto, Ontario

Their honeymoon phase! How cute are they? Little Carmel-uzza looking so fine. And my dad, well, yup, he was pretty hunky with his blonde coiffed hair.

And I just love this picture. It's my mom. One of her very first ever pictures of herself. Pictures cost money back then because you had to go to a photographer, so it was a pretty big deal. During this time Carmela was corresponding with Salvatore from Italy to Canada. They were affianced, and this was their way of courting. Imagine! And this was my mom's first picture sent to her to-be husband in Canada, who was there to make them a cozy home before she arrived to get married. Imagine. She was all of 17 years old here.

And another picture of their wedding day. So wish I could have been there!!! Laugh.

I'm trying to get this story told in a mini-journal. It's a work in progress, as everything else in my life. How have you told the story of your parents? what process worked for you? It's feeling a little daunting right now, so any suggestions would be helpful. I want the story to be told properly, and true, that will stand the test of time.

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