Monday, May 31, 2010

my messy sanctuary

i'm using all the bits and pieces from my studio calico kits for this project, 'my messy sanctuary':
i hope to finish this in the next few days. i'll post more when done!

happy monday everyone!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

intuition and new beginnings

(photo courtesy of Domenic Di Leo)

where will my path lead me?

do you ever get that nudging feeling in the pit of your stomach; that feeling that never really leaves you; like something is about to happen? don't know quite what it is but it's this feeling that's been tugging at my heart, and whispering to me. well, i'm listening. but i can't figure out what it's trying to tell me. i get this every now and then, almost prophetic.. something will come of it, but i may not know what it is for a while.

sometimes it comes to me in dreams. dreams that are so vivid and so real that they linger with me for days. just a little while ago, i had a dream that the world was coming to an end. i woke up with that, 'what was all that about' running in my head. doesn't the end of the world symbolize new beginnings? i don't bother looking up dream dictionaries because they all say something different. and i kinda like to figure out the meaning of my dreams on my own. i sure hope it does mean a new beginning. i could use a fresh start. something new in my life. something totally exciting. new beginning, i'm ready for you.

new beginnings, i hope you take the form of:

- house renovations
1) basement (rec room for the kids), washroom including renovating the claw tooth cast iron tub i have sitting in my garage for the last few years, and the backyard so we have an outdoor living space during the summers.
2) i want white walls, white everything with splashes of colour in the accessories. i'm going all white folks, regardless of having two very young children (who always manage to have dirty hands and faces!) i'm bored of my dark furniture and my coloured walls.
3) i want all new bedding in my room. bed frame, mattress, linens. everything.
if there is one thing i've learned, thanks to Mondo Beyondo, it's that if i need something, i need to put it out there. i need to put it in writing and send it off into the world. and eventually the universe starts to listen and will helm me get the ball rolling. sounds wishy-washy, but it's true. try it. i've seen it happen to me already.

so, in the best Mondo Beyondo dreaming i'm going to put it out into the universe that i want my own studio space.

i'd love to own, but renting may have to do for now. i want a space i can retreat to and create. a place to call my own where i can lose myself in paint, and paper, and creative bliss. i don't want it to be in my home. i want it to be somewhere i can escape to beyond the confines of my home. somewhere far enough that my fighting children's screams and whining won't reach me. somewhere i can truly call my sanctuary. but there is only one caveat. i don't drive. never got my license. yup. believe it or not such people exist, and i'm one of 'em. it has to be somewhere in the city that i can have easy access to.

how's that for dreaming big. now if i could only grow a money tree so i could make all this happen!!! all the powers in the universe can't make this happen without the 'dough' to bring it to fruition. hmph. sigh.

house reno's, studio space, i'll keep you on my radar, and somehow, someway, make you happen.

so now that i've bored you to tears...

here are a couple of pics to make you smile. X and E, enjoying the outdoors and the beautiful weather.

X, oh my, he's actually posing and smiling at the same time. allelujah!

E getting tired of posing and making faces!

I've created a mini-album that displays my 'messy' sanctuary, aka my basement that acts as my current 'studio'. it's so cute. i managed to complete the cover and two pages. i'll post when it's done. promise.

Happy day all,

p.s. is it really June already?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dandelions and Wishes

We have had some really beautiful weather here in Toronto, and we're so enjoying it. Domenic 'borrowed' my Canon Rebel Xsi and took Elisa out to try it out. He managed to get some really great shots.

They went to the Scarborough Bluffs, otherwise known as, Bluffers Park (where all the teenagers make out)... smile.

Below is a great action shot of E throwing some rocks in the lake (although, I think Dom said she was aiming for the ducks!!) Look at that long leg extension... someone was trying really hard!! lol.

E thinking and pretending she's Alice In Wonderland, searching for the rabbit hole. That's her all time favorite movie. She makes us youtube it alllllll the time.

Rock climbing. This one is going to be little miss athlete. She's afraid of nothing.

A baby bird must have fallen out of it's nest. E was trying to pick it up but Dom wouldn't let her. Little miss mother wanted to bring it home and take care of it.

Peek-a-boo, I see you! She such a poser.

And my most favorite picture of the day is below.. she looks like such a little woman. I can just hear all the boys knocking on our door, in a few short years! Oy!

And my all-time favorite E picture thus far. Running wild and free and full of spunk and life. That's my little E. Happy as can be.

Who loves Dandelions. We're forever making wishes....

I'm ecstatic that Dom is making use of his talents and taking more pictures. He just bought himself a Nikon D90 but hasn't yet taken it out of the box. Can't wait to see what he does with it. So far, he's given me much fodder to scrapbook. So excited. Can't wait to make use of these pics.



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Days Gone By

I can't imagine my parents been this young! It always strikes me when I see these pictures of them. It also always strikes me when I see old pictures that us folks use in our creative endeavours for art journaling, mixed media etc, and add hats on them, or wings, or all kinds of crazy things. We do this because we don't know who they are or what their stories are, so we make them up in our minds eye.

Well, I don't want these pictures to end up with dunce hats and all kinds of other ephemera with made up stories. I want to tell their story. I want to give their stories a voice. And in turn give my children, and grand children a sense of their history, and their Italian heritage. I want them to be remembered. I want their story to be told and retold. This will be my ode to my parents:

Their wedding day: October 1956, Salvatore and Carmela Giordanella, Toronto, Ontario

Their honeymoon phase! How cute are they? Little Carmel-uzza looking so fine. And my dad, well, yup, he was pretty hunky with his blonde coiffed hair.

And I just love this picture. It's my mom. One of her very first ever pictures of herself. Pictures cost money back then because you had to go to a photographer, so it was a pretty big deal. During this time Carmela was corresponding with Salvatore from Italy to Canada. They were affianced, and this was their way of courting. Imagine! And this was my mom's first picture sent to her to-be husband in Canada, who was there to make them a cozy home before she arrived to get married. Imagine. She was all of 17 years old here.

And another picture of their wedding day. So wish I could have been there!!! Laugh.

I'm trying to get this story told in a mini-journal. It's a work in progress, as everything else in my life. How have you told the story of your parents? what process worked for you? It's feeling a little daunting right now, so any suggestions would be helpful. I want the story to be told properly, and true, that will stand the test of time.

Thanks for stopping by,


Monday, May 17, 2010

i'm 'that' mom

Thanks to Shona Cole for the lovely item I won. She is an artist and mother who has inspired me and many more moms to be creative in the everyday. Being creative with whatever muse you choose. If you haven't visited her blog, check it out here. And you must check out her newest book, The Artistic Mother. I have it, and love it. Choc-full of inspiration and encouragement, and ideas on how to balance mothering and creativity.

I'm that mom.

(photo courtesy of Xavier, taken with my cell phone)

I'm the mom that:

always has a speck of paint on my hands, or in my hair, or on my face, or on the kitchen table, or in the basement sink

always encourages her kids to take part in all the creative activities possible: make believe stories; making up dances in our kitchen; painting and mixing colours; gardening; drawing; painting

always has some kind of creative project on the go... at least 3 -5 in progress, each sitting in a corner of the kitchen counter waiting to be picked up when the inspiration strikes: a blessing stitching project; a handmade journal; a mini-scrabook; an apron made of raw canvas; a few scrapbook pages

always has a good cry when she sees an emotional movie, or commercial, or someone else crying! doesn't take much these days

has a good yell at kids and husband at least twice a week (ok more if you include the dog)

has trouble getting off the computer when she really should be cooking dinner for the family

has to be creative in order to feel fully content: scrapbooking, collaging, art journaling, painting, photography. you get the picture!

craves the day when she can have 'me' time without feeling guilty

fears the day when her children grow up and don't need her anymore

ecstatic for the day when her children grow up and don't need her anymore

loves to buy shoes. LOTS OF SHOES

loves to blog and gets so excited to post when she has just completed a new project. she's pathetic that way. lol

loves her family fiercly

loves her life

yes. i am that mother. and more.

here to a happy creative monday!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wings are for Angels and Butterflies

And for a little girl who likes to climb slides with her poncho on! Just beautiful.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mothers day surprise

well my family sure as heck did a great job with surprising me this morning. two dozen red roses, hand made cards, xavier's made in school and elisa's made at her play group. domenic, my dear sweet husband was an ultra good listener this year and REALLY surprised me with MacBookPro, which i'm using right now to update my blog... and which i've been playing with practically all day. I'm in love with it. so much to get used to. so different and better than an pc. the difference in unbelievable.

we've taken some imovies:

And we've taken some photobooth shots:

Had some fun with playing around with the effects. the andy warhol effect! love love love it all so much.

now off to upload x's spring concert performance of 'when i'm 64', and 'love love me do', and try out some cool effects... me thinks i'll be spending llllllooooooottttssss of time on this puter.

and then off to try to finish some laundry, otherwise we'll all be going to work, school, and play group naked! laugh. what a sight that would be.

have a wonderful week,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Super thankful for the blessing of motherhood. And for these two little munchkins who make up my life. X and E.
And to my furry baby Samson, who loves me unconditionally.

Every single day, every single moment, every single second, I am thankful for these three beautiful blessings.
Happy Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Mixed Media Skirt! UPDATED

Finally done! And can't wait to wear it. I bought some raw canvas, cut out the skirt form, used my huge stamp from Donna Downey with Golden, acrylic fluid paint (in gold green), added some ruffles with my fabrics from Anna Maria Horner, stitched it all up, and here you go!

(Edited later in the day:) I forgot to include a picture of the front of the skirt. Silly, silly me. In my excitement and haste to get it posted, I forgot to post the best part of the skirt.. The front. And my appliqued butterfly:

And this my friends, is the back!!

I love the ruffles... so feminine and ultra cute. The fabrics are just incredible. If you don't know Anna Maria's fabric collections, you must go here NOW.
And my favorite part.... the side tie. There's an invisible zipper, and a tie for more prettyness.

I'm in love with it and can't wait to wear it. Hopefully tomorrow, weather premitting.

So, what'd ya think?
(later edited to include the following)
notes: inspired by Donna Downey, please see here
products used: raw canvas bought from DeSerres art supply store
stamp: Baby's Breath Foam Stamp, by Donna Downey
paint: Golden, fluid acrylic paint in GoldGreen
STAMPING: my process
The baby's breath foam stamp is 11" x 3.75", is the hugest I've seen out on the market thus far. And I can't use it enough!
I put the fluid acrylic paint in a flat dish, made it a tad more fluid by adding just a bit of water, lapped it up with a foam brush, and generously brushed it onto the foam stamp. Then I simply stamped like any other stamp. It's that easy.
I guess I could have used fabric paint, but I went ahead and used my fluid acrylic paint from Golden and only because it's what I had on hand. If you have fabric paint, I'd use that. Not sure how it'll wash with the acrylic paint, but I guess I'll find out!