Monday, April 5, 2010

A Week In the Life: Di Leo Style

The Story Of Today

Day Three: Sunday April 4, 2010

We wake up good and early, as usual, at about 8:00am. We have breakfast, Xavier plays on his playstation, doubles with his dad. Me and Elisa watch tv in the kitchen, eating "lucky charms".

Then we all get dressed. We have to be at Nona Giordanella's by 1:00pm for our Easter Sunday bbq. Alex and family couldn't make it because they're celebrating Helen's greek easter with her family. Mom is somewhat depressed about this.

We jump into the car. This car that takes us EVERYWHERE.

These hands that drive us EVERYWHERE. What would we do without you???

I had been trying all day to get Xavier to pose for me to no avail. I have Elisa who won't sit still or look into the camera, and Xavier who runs away when he sees me with the camera. Geesh. How am I supposed to document our life, if I don't have willing participants.

Xavier and Elisa causing 'trouble' again. Elisa resisting getting into the car. Me chasing them around the car. Xavier finally catching her and (literally) dragging her to her car seat! By this time, I'm hot, sweaty and wish I could just 'snap' and be there already! smile.

Elisa looking at one of Xavier's magazines. Monkey see, monkey do.

Elisa looking for friend and neighbour Quinn, who's calling her from over the fence. She's trying to sneak a peek at him. This is a game they can often play for hours.
OK, now look again carefully - you'll see Quinn in the top right hand corner peeking over the fence, waving his hand. Yup. Our favorite silly neighbour.
You know you're at my mom's when you see all kinds of 'ceramic' critters hanging out in her garden. By end of summer she'll have a forest full of stuff: frogs, butterflies, cats, dogs, chicks, hens, turtles.. yup! you get the idea.
Domenic catching some zzz's when we actually made it to my mom's. Snoozing in the hot sun. It literally felt like a summers day. Just beautiful.
Looking down at my shoes, thinking, 'geesh, i need a whole new wardrobe and a few new pairs of shoes". Saturday is my shopping day. Yay!
Back home a few hours later. Elisa riding her favorite trike and still peddals fred flintstone style, despite my many attemps at trying to teach her to pedal. Very cute, and funny. I figure she'll learn when she sees the other little girls pedaling away...
Motorcycle mama, with her hair blowing in the wind.

And again... note to self: need more evening photos. But by that time everyone is sick of me walking around with a camera. Need to keep snapping away, anyway!! They'll thank me later.
I have lots of work ahead of me for this week in the life. But I'm loving it and can't wait to see the finished product. One of my promises to myself, to finish what I start.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

and ok, one last pic of my little Elisa, since she's the only one I can seem to catch on film these days! Dom hides, Xavier runs away, Elisa may not look in the camera but at least I can manage to get a pic. And one day when you complain there aren't enough pics of you, I'll tell you that it was your own fault. And NOT cause I love someone a 'little' bit more. Hmph!

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