Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Week In the Life: Di Leo Style

The Story Of Today

Day Two: Saturday April 3, 2010

Me and Elisa woke up good and early, around 7:00'ish. I threw on my track pants and runners and we came downstairs.

I took out the new expresso cups I bought on College Street on Friday before the easter procession, and washed them up. Very happy to have new espresso cups.

Enjoyed my espresso. Somehow coffee tastes so much better when you have a fab cup to drink it from. Yum..

Whilst switching the channels, I found a show featuring the great Richard Rhodes, Editor of Canadian Artist magazine. Very interesting.

And while watching, stitched this cute bird, using Pam Garrison clear stamp. This is for my apron project.

And here's a full viewage of the project. Not quite done yet. More stitching required.
Dom pays the bills. Here he is alls brows furrowed and concentrating. It's probably my visa bill he's pondering over.... after my lastest Bizzy B's excursion. Yikes.

And Elisa, in her Tommy Hilfiger, jail bird pajama, in her usual spot watching Caillou. And playing with the water and a few cups in the sink.

Whilst all her toys are displayed on my kitchen table, in the living room, on the floor, in her room, and despite ALL the toys, she still very much enjoys just playing with water in the sink. I don't know why we bother buying toys, give her a cup, water, and a box. And she's happy. pff.f

Then dad took Elisa to Riverdale Farm and enjoyed the fresh air, and all the animals: the cows, the pigs, the (stinky) chickens, and the (burping) sheep. Very cute. (Dom has to send these pics to me from his blackberry).

And Xavier hung out with Max and Leela whilst I cleaned the house, and worked on a few projects. And that was our day.

note to self: take more pictures at the end of the day ie bedtime routine, clock, bath time, reading, pj time, regardless of how tired you are. these pics are missing from the last two days.

I'm now off to organize my page protectors, my papers and embellies. I'll begin to print the pics mid week.

Have a wonderful, blessed Easter Sunday.


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