Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Week In the Life: Di Leo Style

The Story Of Today

Day One: Friday April 2, 2010

Woke up bright and early at 6:00am, eventhough it's a holiday.

It's still chilly in the mornings and I've lived in these slippers all winter. The coziest things in the world.

And I don't function until I have my espresso. A double short. Strong, strong, strong.
Then because it's good Friday and we don't eat meat on good Friday, we don't have any suasages for breakfast. But we do have Lucky Charms. Good sweetness. Elisa favorite.

Xavier is in his usual spot everymorning. By the tv. Playing a game on his playstation.

And as usual, Elisa is right by his side. His sidekick, his cheerleader, and his shadow, and his pain in the neck. One minute they're laughing, the next minute they're knocking eachother out.

Elisa. Yes. Still with a 'choo-choo'. What am I going to do with that. This is making me crazy. But she wails when I take it away. And she ONLY has it early mornings, and late night at bed. Oy, this has got to stop soon. And out of pull-ups. She's been doing VERY well. So far no accidents and she's in underwear. Allelujah. It's about time and we're so proud of her.

After breakfast we all took our showers and got dressed to go to Nonna Di Leo's for our Friday lunch, and to watch the annual procession down College Street. Because the weather is so gorgeous everyone was out. The streets were jam packed. It was a good thing Nonna D lives right on College and we got a birds eye view of the parade right from the coziness of her home.

Xavier was very excited to wear his new Toronto Maple Leaf shirt his dad bought him when they went the hockey game on Thursday night. He got to eat two hot dogs, two cokes, popcorn, and got to play games. And the Leafs won too. Yay Leafs.

Amidst getting ready to leave the house, I took a look at all my on-the-go projects. My ROD journal, my stitch-a-long canvas, my raw canvas apron and skirt. And wish I could just stay home and create.

Elisa playing on the table waiting for Xavier to get his hair combed , his socks on, and then his shoes, and a jacket. OMG what a chore that is. By the time we got out the door, I felt like pulling my hair out. This kid just hates to get dressed.

Elisa on the other hand, loves to dress up. And she even let me put her hair in a pony-tail (which only lasted for about 5 minutes before she ripped it out), and her bracelets (only long enough to take a picture).

Wearing her favorite silver, Converse All Stars, with no laces! Yup. Pretty cool, no? I wish I had a pair of those!
And we leave Samson behind, just him and his little (stuffed) pet squirrel. He loves that dirty, stinky thing. Drags it whereever he goes. And when I say, "Samson, get your squirrel", he goes off running at top speed, barking and searching for the thing. It's very funny.

At Nonna's. A lady bug had landed on Xavier's arm. It kept the two entertained for a long while.
Then it was home time. Nap time. And eventually, (the long awaited) bed time (well for me anyway).
It was a beautiful, sunny day spent with family enjoying the beginning of our Easter holiday.
On to day two.
Adios amigos!

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