Monday, April 19, 2010

Toronto & A New Pair of Shoes!

I so love living in Toronto. It's such an awesome city. On this Sunday I took pics from my sony ericksson on our way to Nona Vittoria's house for lunch.
This is what we see:

The Rogers Centre, but forever aka for us Torontonians as the Sky Dome.

and just to the right of it is our CN Tower. Once known as the tallest building in the world (although I think it's now been surpassed). I love our skyline.

And another...

And this is what I see everyday on my way to work:
The Toronto Transit, aka to Torontonians, 'The Rocket'. It's safe, it's clean, and reliable (well most days!) Watching the incoming train at 7:00 am.
See, I told ya it was clean.
And my wait for the streetcar. Yup we still have streetcars. And in the summer they often take out the REALLY old, antique streetcars which are totally cool. I'll try to get some pics of 'em this summer.

And here's my two wild and crazy kids. Xavier thinks he's spider man and insists on always doing the most dangerous things he can think of. And the worst part is, Elisa (his sidekick) is right behind him following suit (well in this case in front following suit!).
And yes, I went shopping and bought me some new shoes. Here one pair. Oh how I love you new shoes.

And I dyed my hair! YES. I did. No more greys! I can't believe how much of a change it is. It's changed the whole entire look of my face. More pics to come on that. I feel like a new woman!!
Happy Monday all,


Miz Katie said...

i love canada!! streetcars, yes!!

Shona Cole said...

those are great shots, thanks for sharing your views of Toronto.