Friday, April 30, 2010

My Happy Nest

This picture reminds me of my little growing family. Just the 4 of us. And reminds me of the family of birds that live in the tree across the street from us. Every morning I wake up to the sing-song of the birds, and one in particular which is always louder and prettier than the rest. Every morning I look out my window to scan the tree to find him or her, but the trees leaves are too dense, and the little culprit almost impossible to see. I imagine her singing to her little birdies, and giving them their morning sup. And then off I go to get one last snuggle from my little ones all nestled up all warm, and cozy in my bed all tangled up in sheets before they wake up. I love my two little birds, and love watching them blossom with every day, and every minutes that goes by.

How quickly they grow. Remember when they were this small? Seems like just yesterday that they came into our lives.

And now we're here.
I blinked and they're all grown up. Wish there were a 'pause' button. Every day seems to just fly by too quickly.

Happy weekend,

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