Thursday, April 1, 2010


Thank you Ali: A Week In the Life Project

I'm very excited to start this project. Ali introduced this project back in 2008, and she will be revisiting this project starting April 19, if you wish to follow along.

I'm going to start my project tomorrow, Friday April 2 to Thursday April 8 because I'll be home for both Friday and Monday, plus the weekend so I can document the normal stuff we do (and some fun Easter stuff to boot).

I already have the divided page protectors. I had previously ordered them from American Crafts. All I need is the 3-ring binder which I'll get from American Crafts. Love their albums. I'm also going to purchase Ali's template from Designer Digitals. I really like the clean, simple look of it. And I'm all about simple, quick, and easy these days. I don't want anything complicated. If it gets too complicated then I won't finish it.

I've got my camera all charged up, I even know which papers I'll be using, down to the embellishments! This is going to be super sweet.

I will be documenting my daily photos and words on my blog. This will keep me accountable to the process.

I love the idea of capturing a 'time' in our life, as opposed to just a 'moment' in our life. It tells more of a complete story. A story of our life at that particular time period. I think this may be an addictive process, and I may just do this two or three times a year.

Thanks Ali for the inspiration and another new addiction! Just what I need to keep the creative juices flowing.

happy documenting,


p.s. and yay me! I have finally made up my mind and will be getting my much anticipated new iphone! Forget the blackberry, not enough accessories. Woohoo!

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