Friday, April 30, 2010

My Happy Nest

This picture reminds me of my little growing family. Just the 4 of us. And reminds me of the family of birds that live in the tree across the street from us. Every morning I wake up to the sing-song of the birds, and one in particular which is always louder and prettier than the rest. Every morning I look out my window to scan the tree to find him or her, but the trees leaves are too dense, and the little culprit almost impossible to see. I imagine her singing to her little birdies, and giving them their morning sup. And then off I go to get one last snuggle from my little ones all nestled up all warm, and cozy in my bed all tangled up in sheets before they wake up. I love my two little birds, and love watching them blossom with every day, and every minutes that goes by.

How quickly they grow. Remember when they were this small? Seems like just yesterday that they came into our lives.

And now we're here.
I blinked and they're all grown up. Wish there were a 'pause' button. Every day seems to just fly by too quickly.

Happy weekend,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Toronto & A New Pair of Shoes!

I so love living in Toronto. It's such an awesome city. On this Sunday I took pics from my sony ericksson on our way to Nona Vittoria's house for lunch.
This is what we see:

The Rogers Centre, but forever aka for us Torontonians as the Sky Dome.

and just to the right of it is our CN Tower. Once known as the tallest building in the world (although I think it's now been surpassed). I love our skyline.

And another...

And this is what I see everyday on my way to work:
The Toronto Transit, aka to Torontonians, 'The Rocket'. It's safe, it's clean, and reliable (well most days!) Watching the incoming train at 7:00 am.
See, I told ya it was clean.
And my wait for the streetcar. Yup we still have streetcars. And in the summer they often take out the REALLY old, antique streetcars which are totally cool. I'll try to get some pics of 'em this summer.

And here's my two wild and crazy kids. Xavier thinks he's spider man and insists on always doing the most dangerous things he can think of. And the worst part is, Elisa (his sidekick) is right behind him following suit (well in this case in front following suit!).
And yes, I went shopping and bought me some new shoes. Here one pair. Oh how I love you new shoes.

And I dyed my hair! YES. I did. No more greys! I can't believe how much of a change it is. It's changed the whole entire look of my face. More pics to come on that. I feel like a new woman!!
Happy Monday all,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hambly, Hambly, Hambly

And Studio Calico:

Today I felt like scrapping. And it was good. Off to make a few more.

Happy day,

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Week In the Life: Di Leo Style

The Story Of Today

Day Three: Sunday April 4, 2010

We wake up good and early, as usual, at about 8:00am. We have breakfast, Xavier plays on his playstation, doubles with his dad. Me and Elisa watch tv in the kitchen, eating "lucky charms".

Then we all get dressed. We have to be at Nona Giordanella's by 1:00pm for our Easter Sunday bbq. Alex and family couldn't make it because they're celebrating Helen's greek easter with her family. Mom is somewhat depressed about this.

We jump into the car. This car that takes us EVERYWHERE.

These hands that drive us EVERYWHERE. What would we do without you???

I had been trying all day to get Xavier to pose for me to no avail. I have Elisa who won't sit still or look into the camera, and Xavier who runs away when he sees me with the camera. Geesh. How am I supposed to document our life, if I don't have willing participants.

Xavier and Elisa causing 'trouble' again. Elisa resisting getting into the car. Me chasing them around the car. Xavier finally catching her and (literally) dragging her to her car seat! By this time, I'm hot, sweaty and wish I could just 'snap' and be there already! smile.

Elisa looking at one of Xavier's magazines. Monkey see, monkey do.

Elisa looking for friend and neighbour Quinn, who's calling her from over the fence. She's trying to sneak a peek at him. This is a game they can often play for hours.
OK, now look again carefully - you'll see Quinn in the top right hand corner peeking over the fence, waving his hand. Yup. Our favorite silly neighbour.
You know you're at my mom's when you see all kinds of 'ceramic' critters hanging out in her garden. By end of summer she'll have a forest full of stuff: frogs, butterflies, cats, dogs, chicks, hens, turtles.. yup! you get the idea.
Domenic catching some zzz's when we actually made it to my mom's. Snoozing in the hot sun. It literally felt like a summers day. Just beautiful.
Looking down at my shoes, thinking, 'geesh, i need a whole new wardrobe and a few new pairs of shoes". Saturday is my shopping day. Yay!
Back home a few hours later. Elisa riding her favorite trike and still peddals fred flintstone style, despite my many attemps at trying to teach her to pedal. Very cute, and funny. I figure she'll learn when she sees the other little girls pedaling away...
Motorcycle mama, with her hair blowing in the wind.

And again... note to self: need more evening photos. But by that time everyone is sick of me walking around with a camera. Need to keep snapping away, anyway!! They'll thank me later.
I have lots of work ahead of me for this week in the life. But I'm loving it and can't wait to see the finished product. One of my promises to myself, to finish what I start.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

and ok, one last pic of my little Elisa, since she's the only one I can seem to catch on film these days! Dom hides, Xavier runs away, Elisa may not look in the camera but at least I can manage to get a pic. And one day when you complain there aren't enough pics of you, I'll tell you that it was your own fault. And NOT cause I love someone a 'little' bit more. Hmph!

Day One - Sample

(click image to enlarge)

So this is what my day one looks like. I'm not very computer agile, so instead of choosing to go semi-digi, I've just done everything by hand. Ali's template is fabulous and so I chose to recreate it. And this is what it looks like. I like it enough that I think I'll continue with the rest just like this. It was fast, and easy. And I especially love it that's it's all done by hand, imperfections and all.

Can't wait to get more of it done. I'm loving the process.

Happy Monday,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Week In the Life: Di Leo Style

The Story Of Today

Day Two: Saturday April 3, 2010

Me and Elisa woke up good and early, around 7:00'ish. I threw on my track pants and runners and we came downstairs.

I took out the new expresso cups I bought on College Street on Friday before the easter procession, and washed them up. Very happy to have new espresso cups.

Enjoyed my espresso. Somehow coffee tastes so much better when you have a fab cup to drink it from. Yum..

Whilst switching the channels, I found a show featuring the great Richard Rhodes, Editor of Canadian Artist magazine. Very interesting.

And while watching, stitched this cute bird, using Pam Garrison clear stamp. This is for my apron project.

And here's a full viewage of the project. Not quite done yet. More stitching required.
Dom pays the bills. Here he is alls brows furrowed and concentrating. It's probably my visa bill he's pondering over.... after my lastest Bizzy B's excursion. Yikes.

And Elisa, in her Tommy Hilfiger, jail bird pajama, in her usual spot watching Caillou. And playing with the water and a few cups in the sink.

Whilst all her toys are displayed on my kitchen table, in the living room, on the floor, in her room, and despite ALL the toys, she still very much enjoys just playing with water in the sink. I don't know why we bother buying toys, give her a cup, water, and a box. And she's happy. pff.f

Then dad took Elisa to Riverdale Farm and enjoyed the fresh air, and all the animals: the cows, the pigs, the (stinky) chickens, and the (burping) sheep. Very cute. (Dom has to send these pics to me from his blackberry).

And Xavier hung out with Max and Leela whilst I cleaned the house, and worked on a few projects. And that was our day.

note to self: take more pictures at the end of the day ie bedtime routine, clock, bath time, reading, pj time, regardless of how tired you are. these pics are missing from the last two days.

I'm now off to organize my page protectors, my papers and embellies. I'll begin to print the pics mid week.

Have a wonderful, blessed Easter Sunday.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Week In the Life: Di Leo Style

The Story Of Today

Day One: Friday April 2, 2010

Woke up bright and early at 6:00am, eventhough it's a holiday.

It's still chilly in the mornings and I've lived in these slippers all winter. The coziest things in the world.

And I don't function until I have my espresso. A double short. Strong, strong, strong.
Then because it's good Friday and we don't eat meat on good Friday, we don't have any suasages for breakfast. But we do have Lucky Charms. Good sweetness. Elisa favorite.

Xavier is in his usual spot everymorning. By the tv. Playing a game on his playstation.

And as usual, Elisa is right by his side. His sidekick, his cheerleader, and his shadow, and his pain in the neck. One minute they're laughing, the next minute they're knocking eachother out.

Elisa. Yes. Still with a 'choo-choo'. What am I going to do with that. This is making me crazy. But she wails when I take it away. And she ONLY has it early mornings, and late night at bed. Oy, this has got to stop soon. And out of pull-ups. She's been doing VERY well. So far no accidents and she's in underwear. Allelujah. It's about time and we're so proud of her.

After breakfast we all took our showers and got dressed to go to Nonna Di Leo's for our Friday lunch, and to watch the annual procession down College Street. Because the weather is so gorgeous everyone was out. The streets were jam packed. It was a good thing Nonna D lives right on College and we got a birds eye view of the parade right from the coziness of her home.

Xavier was very excited to wear his new Toronto Maple Leaf shirt his dad bought him when they went the hockey game on Thursday night. He got to eat two hot dogs, two cokes, popcorn, and got to play games. And the Leafs won too. Yay Leafs.

Amidst getting ready to leave the house, I took a look at all my on-the-go projects. My ROD journal, my stitch-a-long canvas, my raw canvas apron and skirt. And wish I could just stay home and create.

Elisa playing on the table waiting for Xavier to get his hair combed , his socks on, and then his shoes, and a jacket. OMG what a chore that is. By the time we got out the door, I felt like pulling my hair out. This kid just hates to get dressed.

Elisa on the other hand, loves to dress up. And she even let me put her hair in a pony-tail (which only lasted for about 5 minutes before she ripped it out), and her bracelets (only long enough to take a picture).

Wearing her favorite silver, Converse All Stars, with no laces! Yup. Pretty cool, no? I wish I had a pair of those!
And we leave Samson behind, just him and his little (stuffed) pet squirrel. He loves that dirty, stinky thing. Drags it whereever he goes. And when I say, "Samson, get your squirrel", he goes off running at top speed, barking and searching for the thing. It's very funny.

At Nonna's. A lady bug had landed on Xavier's arm. It kept the two entertained for a long while.
Then it was home time. Nap time. And eventually, (the long awaited) bed time (well for me anyway).
It was a beautiful, sunny day spent with family enjoying the beginning of our Easter holiday.
On to day two.
Adios amigos!