Wednesday, February 24, 2010

woeth me

so i made a new 'remains of the day' journal. this time around i used raw canvas, a stencil, some paint, and some hand stitching for added umph. it's 8.5"x6". the pages are constructed by gluing together envelopes with tid bits of left over scrap paper from my stash, binding them together into signatures, and then binding the signatures to the cover. and voila.

i'm now using this as my drawing journal. love it x1000!!!

my 'remains of the day' journals are so much fun to make, and even more fun to create in. because they're smaller, and made from scraps, i find it less intimidating. i don't worry if i'm going to ruin it!

i need to post some pages of my first ROD journal. remember this. i'm so loving it.

last night i came home from work feeling tired, and weary. definitely feeling the february blahs. i quietly snuck out of the kitchen where hubby and kidlets were having dinner, went to my room, put on my jammies, took out my journal and pencils, and wrote, and wrote, and drew and wrote some more. i'll share with you my 'girl', but not the journaling. i call her 'woeth me'. it felt good putting the emotion on paper and leaving it there. it left me with a clearer head. then headed back to my hubby and kidlets, still at the table but having moved on to homework and puzzles.

art heals.

happy creative Wednesday.



Paula Phillips said...

Art definately heals! Your new ROD looks wonderful, I'd love to see an inside view. ;o)
These journals intruige me, I just may have to take the class to learn how to bind them.
Much Love!

Jennifer White said...

Hello Francesca! I found you through your comment left on Misty's great to see your journal! I just signed up recently for the remains of the day journal and are just beginning to gather things to begin. Also, I'm already signed up for Italy... I think it's just Misty and me at this point so hopefully a few more will join in so the trip can happen... would be wonderful for you to join us!