Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming 2010


Elisa toasting in the new year with some gingerale!!

I thoroughly enjoyed 2009. It was a creative awakening for me, and for that I am thankful. I'm saying goodbye to 2009, and welcoming 2010 with an open heart and mind. As I said in a previous post, I proclaim 2010 as the year of ME. Of taking care of me. I have a specific things I want to enhance and maintain and nurture:

  1. me time (more baths; massages; pedicures)
  2. art time and creative growth (workshops; courses; kits; more painting)
  3. family time (all four of us, not just me and the kids, or just Dom and the kids, or Elisa and me and Xavier and Dom). the four of us. together. family nights just watching a movie, or playing a game, or anything, as long as it's together.
  4. hair cuts every 6 weeks ; taking the plunge and cutting it short and then even shorter
  5. colour my hair for the first time; "I'm gonna wash that gray right outta my hair", Nice n' Easy, here I come.
See, this is me in my pathetic no style, ponytail. It's going to go really soon, and so is that gray. Adios.

I've started my first project of 2010 and it's a doozie of a project. It totally kicks some serious creative butt. I'm so loving the process, despite the fact I have to use a sewing maching (that I'm having trouble working) for the entire project. But I will MAKE it work. If. It's. The. Last. Thing. I. Do.

The online class is REMAINS OF THE DAY, by Mary Ann Moss. She's so talented and such a hoot to boot. Her videos are very detailed and easy to follow, and ever so clever and hilarious. I'm totally enjoying the process (again, despite the sewing thing). Laugh.

Making journals with scrap of fabric and anything and everything under the sun. How fun is that. And for us sewing-novices, it's great because the messier it is, the better the journal looks.
This is the cover. I used fabric by Anna Maria Horner's, Drawing Room collection. Added some glitter ribbon, and lace ribbon. And fabric tabs with my initials fd.

Here are some peeks at it thus far. Now remember, I've been stalled cause of my sewing machine, gonna have to get my mom (the seamstress extraordinaire) to come fix it.

This is the entire back side of the slipcover. I really love all the little bits and the splashes of colour. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this messy-freestyle kind of sewing and journal creating. Right up my alley.

This is the inside. More Drawing Room fabric by Anna Maria Horner. LOVE it. And some more pink glitter ribbon and another frilly pink ribbon.

Next I'll start on the journal pages until I figure out the sewing machine thing. I've got to choose all the bits and pages and odds and ends that will make up my journal pages (which includes remains of the day stuff like security envelopes; ads; newspaper; and anything you consider too cool a scrap to throw out). Eeeeeee can't wait. So much fun.

Mary Ann, if you're reading this I think your videos are absolutely marvelous, I so love your personality, very exuberant and playful, and your wacky sense of humour. And your term, 'guerilla sewing'. lol. beauty.

I will make another one of these journals but next time I'll use raw canvas and decorate with paint and stamps...ummm the possibilities of this are endless.

And I'll leave you with this pic of me and my sister Felicia. She's my jewellery maker extraordinaire. Everything we have on is made by her. I've encouraged her to sell her work on Etsy for years now. I may just open up a shop for her and get her started. She's got some really beautiful stuff.
Enough. This has been a very long post. More later peeps.
Happy January 1st.

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