Monday, January 25, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

Supplies Used: black stabilo pencil, golden titanium white, wedgewood blue Shiva paint stik, and Prima flowers, fabriano watercolour coldpressed paper

I'm living out a long time dream of mine to take a drawing and painting course. I finally found a) the courage to take the plunge and b) someone that I totally admire and think is an artistic genius, Misty Mawn. Her drawing and painting portraist online course is awesome. Her videos are incredible, her talen unique, and the support from the rest of the group is what keeps me posting my work.
I've struggle with, "oh my goodness, this isn't right", and "this doesn't look like anyone else's", "what exactly do I think I'm doing", and "I'm a farce, I can't do this". But each time I hear those voices I just keep going. I was going to prove them wrong. I worked and I worked until they felt 'right' for me.
They're not painted or drawn by an experienced hand, not choc full of technique but they were made right from the heart with love. And that's what's made them special. Special to me anyway.
In the groups facebook page, one of the participants was feeling frustrated and another participant posted this comment which really spoke to me:
"The Forest Lover by Susan Vreeland - about Canadian painter Emily Carr. She struggled too. This quote grabbed me, maybe it resonates for you too: "You're finding you're own way. It's not a question of technique. Technique alone is soulless. You have other resources to draw on. The emotional and the spiritual, I see it in the places where you are more expressive than depictive."
Art is freedom to let your heart speak. Art has to come from the heart, and not the head. It all made sense to me - art has to come from the heart and not the head. Huh. How's that for a lightbulb moment!
Here are my first two ever portraits, straight from my heart:

Supplies used: charcoal pencils, smudging stump, mouldable eraser, stick eraser (whodda thunk erasers were tools for drawing? guhh, I know see what you learn when you take a class)
So, there you have it.
Mondo Beyondo.............. woohooo
Thanks for following me on this crazy wonderful journey.

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teri said...

these look great, and I love that quote! Isn't it wonderful when you finally get to do the thing you've always wanted to do? I'm taking the course too; will post some of the work I've done soon. xo