Monday, January 11, 2010

Status Updates and my Ballawina Pwincess

Elisa, my 'balla-wina pwin-cess' dancing to Enrique Iglesias, 'Do You Know' in her dress-up Princess costume. If you listen closely you can hear her singing the words. Yes, we dance to this every day. So so funny. It's even funnier when she has my wooden spoon in her hand which she uses as her wand. Gosh, I love girls. So fun.

When Domenic saw her come down the hallway in this get-up, he looked at me and said, "she looks scary, take it off her, Miss Havasham". First I laughed, then I yelled at him for telling me she looked scary! hmph! Men.

Remains of the Day journal updade: my sewing machine is on the fritz again. I did manage to complete one signature before it went caput on me. I'll finish the other signature on my mom's machine. I will post pics of what I've got so far shortly. And I've started a 2nd slipcover, this time using raw canvas which I used a stencil, Golden fluid acrylic paint, and embroidery floss. It's purty. Can't wait to show you this one. Soon. Promise.

Hair Update: I've made an appointment for this Saturday to cut and colour my hair. I was stalled because I came down with yet another bout of strep throat, fever, chills, the works, and was out of commission for a week. So... wish me luck and I'll post a before and after pic when it's done. Wish me luck folks.

Wellness update: I've had strep throat three times in three months. Doc says 1st time, ok. 2nd time, bad luck. 3rd time, there's gotta be something up. So, I'm seeing an ENT doctor soon. I pray he doesn't suggest removing my tonsils (they're gi-normous, like REALLY gi-extra-normous). Me scared. Have any of you had them removed in your 30's. I'm 39 at the end of the month and I hear it's more complicated when you get them out later in life. Eeekks.

Course Updates: Mondo Beyondo starts today.. yay. And can't wait to get into the thick of things with Misty Mawn's course. You must check out her blog for some awesome journal pages she's created. Man. She. Rocks.

Ok. Monday morning. Off to brave another day at work. But wishing I could just stay home and work on my ROD journal. Have a wonderful Monday..


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Hermila said...

I love Elisa dancing, she is sooo cute and she has rythm!!!