Thursday, January 28, 2010

Self Portrait

"i am seeking, i am striving, i am in it with all my heart" -- Vincent van Gogh

Supplies Used: Shiva paint stiks (mauve, crimson, paynes grey, yellow ochre, raw umber, white, wedgewood blue)

Today is my birthday peeps! Yup. I'm 39 today. Imagine that. I still can't believe I'm that old. For some reason I feel perpetually 12. Like a kid in a grown up body. I'll go home and the family will have dinner for me, a birthday cake from valu-mart, and some mismatched candles. Laugh. But that's ok. It's just how I'd like it to be. Perfect in it's simplicity.

This weeks lesson with Misty Mawn was fun. We're learning to use Shiva oil paint stiks. They're like using a crayon, but they're creamy and easy to blend. It's even easier to blend if you use the colourless blending stik. It's an oil paint but it dries in approx. 24 hrs unlike regular oil paints that take forever to dry.

I liked using the stiks, although not to sure if I actually love the portrait I created with them. Something seems off, like the lips. And it seems messy and unfinished. I have to learn how to make it look polished. Practice, Practice, Practice will be my mantra.

On another note, I've been adding to my ROD journal and should be able to post some finished pages soon. Lovin' it.

And... I have two Studio Calico kits I haven't used yet. So, this weekend I'm determined to get back to some scrapbooking, and use these awesome kits.

Have a happy creative weekend!

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