Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hair 2010


I've never, ever really been a fan of hair and hairstyles. I have had long hair forever. FOREVER. I'm sure I was born with long hair. I remember my mom used to always put my hair in a big fat braid. I remember every morning, she would get up very early to go to work and be gone before we left for school. But before she'd leave she'd wake me up at 6:00am, make me get up to braid my hair, and then I'd go back to sleep until 7:30am to get up and get ready for school. I wouldn't have to do anything with my long locks 'cause she had already done it for me. Imagine.

I think it's this that set a very bad precedent for me. It's no wonder I don't have the patience to fuss with my hair. I used to use the excuse that I had two small kids and no time, but that just doesn't cut it anymore (no pun intended)! Pure laziness.

So, my point is, I'm sick of long hair, I'm tired of straight hair. I've had this itch to go short. I mean REALLY short for a very long time. But never really had the courage to to actually do it. This is my year to finally let go of fear. I'm just gonna do it. Here it is folks. I've searched high and lo for a short hair cut and I always come back to this same image of Pink (who is of course ultra cool, love her):

Ain't it great?

But will it suit me? Will I like it on me? But it's only hair, right?

Hmm, maybe I need the nose ring too as an extra accessory! Ok, pushing it. I'll settle for those awesome sunglasses though.. laugh.
Now here is my 2nd alternative. I love this cut. Although not as short or as daring as I'm hoping to go. However, perhaps it'll be an easier transition for me to then go ultra-short if I start here:

And, um, yeah, I like the blonde too! Hmm, I've given myself the next two weeks to decide and take the plunge. No more procrastinating. New avatar here I come.

Laughing at my (crazy ass) self...


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Rbarakat said...

LOl! Go for it! I dont have the guts- besides I would probably look horrible with hair that short! LOL!