Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Creative Block. Eeeekkkksss!

Yup. This hasn't happened to me in a very long time. Creative block, go away and never come back! I've been so aching to just be able to have some time to myself and create something, anything. And when I finally had the opportunity, I was stumped. I felt so much pressure. Ok. I now have and hour. Go. Make something! Then I got stuck. I just couldn't find it. So, instead I cleaned up down there, moved a few things around, and called my kidlets down to let them paint and create instead. They had a blast, and I had a blast watching them. Phew, the pressure was off. I'd let them create for me (I will be using their paintings in one of my next projects though, more on that in another post).

Problem is, I have so many products I want to use; techniques to play with; that I didn't quite know which one to start first, so my brain got all confused, and being the Aquarian that I am, I couldn't make a firm decision on what I wanted to do; a journal page, a scrap page, a mixed media something; play with my sewing machine; finish that stitched butterfly and use it on a project??????? I couldn't decide, so I just let it all be.

Then I went on line and found this, by Mary Ann Moss and was totally inspired. I have so many scraps, and bits and all kinds of fabric, and what a great way to declutter and get rid of 'stuff' in an awesome, useful, super crafty way. And I love how Mary Ann calls some of her work, guerilla art. Very cool stuff.

So, now that I've got my mojo back, I'm off to search out all the beautiful little bits to use in this new journal (journey) of mine.

Happy New Year everyone!


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