Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two Little Monkeys

Yes. These are my two little monkeys. This photo was taken two years ago!

I'm having a moment. A moment of pure awe-struck-ness (for lack of a better word)!!

Are these two mine?, where did they come from? how did I get so lucky? I'm having a serious, omg, so grateful for these two little monkeys in my life moment.

Elisa is as sharp as a whip. She's the sweetest little thing but tough as nails. She doesn' t let anyone push her around. She can keep up in conversations, and how is it that she remembers the tiniest of details. It astounds me. At 2 she has a very distinct personality, all her own. I can't even remember what it was like without her in our lives. She definitely spices things up with her little 'big' personality and antics. Even when she's done something naughty, she flashes those lashes and give you 'that' smile, that you can't help but grab her, hug her, and smush her to bits with love. I'm one very thankful momma for this little spit-fire, err, I mean, girl in our lives.

Then there's my other monkey. My Xavier. My sun, my moon, my sweetheart, my tornado, and my tempest! Laugh. Xavier is a very complex kid. He is truly a work of art with his wavy, golden blonde locks, those waving long lashes, and that smile. O that smile. It definitely gets him out of some serious trouble. He is super smart and very adept with his hands and mind. You don't have to tell him things twice, always gets it on the first try. He's a lefty and therefore very right brained kind'a kid. Aren't left handed peeps supposed to be smarter? Thought I heard that somewhere. He loves to write, and to draw, and books, and colouring. Even his drawings are intense. This kid does everything with intensity. When he plays, he plays hard. If he's fighting, he fights hard, if he's doing school work, he works hard. He doesn't do anything half assed. It's always with intent and intensity. Is any of this making sense? My Xavier, my little Michelangelo, my work of art, my heartache, and my headache! Laugh. My Xavier you will always be.

It's these moments when my hearts bursts with joy and love for my sweet little family, 'thou art mine, and I am thine'. Saw that quote somewhere very recently.

I want to make a page with the both of them together. Don't know why it's taken me so long to do this. I want to take pics of them together as they play, as they fight, as they are, when they are together. This is my mission this week: to capture more moments of them together, to capture and record their relationship as brother and sister.

O how I love these two little monkeys.

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