Friday, November 20, 2009

Project 52, Challenge #4

So Project 52 Challenge #4 goes live today,

Welcome to Our 2nd Blog Festival!

Follow these rules for a chance to win Challenge #4, and snag a Guest spot on our Design Team!)

a) Visit and comment at each blog (see links below) on their Challenge #4 post

b) Complete all aspects of Challenge #4 Paper Doll/ Joy &/Or Sadness/ Metalc)

c) Upload to the Project 52 Gallery

d) Post in the Challenge #4 Forum Thread With a Link and Tell Us About Your Process In a Few Short Sentences.


Let's Hop and Get Some Fun Tips and See The Artist's Studios!!!

1. Julie Ann

2. Finn

3. Francesca (you are here)

4. Tania

5. Wendela

6. Jaz

7. Pam

8. Karin aka Mexx - November Guest Designer

9. Project 52

I didn't have time to participate in this awesome challenge, but I will however participate by showing you a short clip of my 'studio' space.

nota bene: Viewer discretion advised. if you have adverse reactions to wood panelling, or 'big' messes, do not, I repeat do not watch this video. Be forewarned, it may not be pretty. Laugh. Out. Loud.

Video preamble: This video was taken at 8:30pm, just before putting the kidlets to bed, hence the pj's !!!

Click here to view video of my studio.

Thanks for stopping by!



wendela said...

wow Francisca!! I saw your studio!! It's fantastic! And how beautiful is your embroidred butterfly!!


ChiLLi said...

love your studio! lots of yummys in there :)

cherry said...

oh i just love to see peoples scrapping spaces! and i love yours! its soooo normal lol! and i love elmo chair hahah - tfs x

fairyrocks said...

Just stopping in for a Look!!
Love your slide show. Awesome work.
Love to peek in your studio!!

jazsutra said...

Francesca!!!! your scraproom is my WHOLE BEDROOM!!! it's huge!!!! You are one lucky scrapper with such nice rooms filled with goodies!!! lol. I only have a scrapdesk to share and that is definitely LOL!!!

Shawn Caro said...

Hi Francesca, thanks for letting us all in to your artist lab! It looks like the real thing in there. I am very interested in what your to make with that wasp hive!

Kristi said...

never trust a neat scrapper, i always say LOL! love it :)

Keepsake's Crafts said...

well.. your kids are WAY quieter than mine! They would have been all-over and in-the-way if I ever tried to film my space with them around... lol.
I love the size of that table.I just have a dinky one now so I'm always knocking my 'piles' onto the floor.

Rbarakat said...

Thanks for posting pictures of a messy studio!It looks great! Mine is always messy because I am always up to sometrhing in there! I am glad I am not the only one!!

B in Baton Rouge said...

I really like how much space that you have. I would love to have a sink near my work space. The plastic covered couch is too cool!

Chris said...

on the BG blog hop - thanks for sharing your studio

pamala said...

Your studio is faboo, lots of space and tools to scrap and create. Lucky girl to have a sink in there too!

michh said...

the butterfly is wonderful! haha ur workspace looks so much better than mine!

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous studio wow!

WriterGirl said...

Great looking space! :)

Monica Anne Downing aka Madzie said...

Hi a fab studio...envyyy...hehe...thanks for letting us have a peak-a-b00...


Lyneen said...

WOW... I wish I had a room that big... What a great studio!!!! THANKS for SHaring!!!