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Project 52, Challenge #2 and a Surprise Opportunity

This may be a long post, but please read to the end for a surprise opportunity for you to appear on Project 52.

Theme – School (education of any kind/lessons learned, etc…)
Required material – Office Supply/s (any office supply store items are game)

cover of old Canadian Encycolopedia
tim holtz
white crackle paint
scrap papers (for the bird collage)
Prima jumbo page pebble
tiny pom-pom ribbon
old book page
7 Gypsey's book binding tape
Making Memories
black glitter alphas
American Crafts transparent borders
KI Memories lace paper (to create the alpha mask)
glimmer mist (created by putting fluid acrylic paint in a spray bottle with some water)
a black fine point marker
old typewriter font (from 1001 free fonts dot com)
a silver book handle (7 Gypsey's)
Bam Pop pp

Tools Used:
Crop-A-dile, big bite (6")

Office Supplies:
Hello tag
file folder tab
small needle point tacks (along the top of the ribbon)

This is a book that will store all of Xavier's grade one papers that he brings home from school. Only the important ones that I want him/us to remember.

I have piles and piles of Xavier’s work from school (JK and SK) sitting in bags in my basement waiting for something creative to be done with them. But every time I go to tackle the project I get overwhelmed.

So this year, as Xavier begins Grade One, I created this book for me to keep all the special items I want him/us to remember. This way, Xavier has a keepsake of some of his early writing and learning, which I’m sure he’ll appreciate when he’s older, and a way for me to keep his things organized and not just ‘in a bag in the basement’. I can simply add pages and collage and scrap over them as I did on page 1 of Xavier’s spelling homework. And those that I won’t keep I’ll just chuck. This way, at the end of the year I won’t have piles and piles of work to go through. I’ll just create another book for him when he starts grade 2 and so on and so on…

I started out with an old Canadian Encyclopedia I found sitting in a box on our neighbours yard with a sign that said “Take Me, Free”, so I snagged one. There were more and if I had had more arms, I would have brough more home!! What perfect timing it was that I needed an old book cover. Sweet.


For Book Cover:
1. gesso the book cover leaving a small (1”) border
2. when dry place your alphabet mask on the right side and spay with glimmer mist
3. do the same thing by placing the alpha mast along the bottom of the cover.
let dry completely
4. outline the letters using a black pen (I used archival safe Pigma Micron )
5. cut out bird template and collage over it with your favourite choice of patterned papers using gel medium
6. adhere the bird to the book cover using gel medium
7. using white crackle paint, paint over the alphas and around the collaged bird. Use a really thick coat to get big cracks, or a thin coat for smaller cracks.
8. let the crackle paint dry completely
9. outline with black pen the alphas again (if they’ve been painted over by the crackle paint), and the collaged bird
10. on the right edge of book add book handle using the crop-a-dile to make holes
11. cut an old bookpage and crumple it to create a ruffle and adhere, using double sided tape, just under the collaged bird
12. on top of the old book page ruffle, adhere the book binding tape
13. on top of that add the mini pom-pom ribbon
14. add your border to top and bottom edges
15. type out Dr. Seuss quote using ‘Another Typewriter’ font (from 1001 Free Fonts)
16. Cut them out and adhere to book cover
17. add embellies to the collage bird

For Inside Book Covers:
1. apply patterned papers with gel medium
2. using the crop-a-dile put two holes at the top of the back bookcover
3. from the back, put through the elastic and through the papers and put the pencil through the elastic
4. from the back, insert the elastic through the book cover and through the papers and run the pencil through the elastic. Instant page holder!!! Cool.

That's it, you're done! Now you can have fun adding whatever pages you'd like to add.

Now remember, you can change the theme and make it a memory book or whatever kind of book you want. Have fun with it. Whatever you decide to do, please post your finished product on the Project 52 gallery, here.
CHALLENGE #2Old Text Book Cover (re-purposed, strong, older is better)* Theme – School (education of any kind/lessons learned, etc…)* Required material – Office Supply/s (any office supply store items are game)It is your challenge to alter an old text book cover, use the theme school,/education and you must incorporate office supplie(s). The deadline is November 7, 2009 Midnight Pacific. Discuss in the Project 52 Forum.- Upload to the Bad Girls Project 52 Gallery.


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4. Come to the Project 52 Forum and Link Us to Your Project in the Gallery
Come say Hi to the Design Team and View Bonus Tutorials in the Forum today!
Happy art-ing everyone!! and thanks so much for stopping by!

p.s. I was overwhelmed with the response to our last challenge and just want to say a HUGE thank you to all those who left comments on my blog. I TRULY appreciate all the love...!!!


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