Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rises the Phoenix From the Flames

This is what I feel like when I create these days.

Like the creative soul in me is rising out, and breaking free from all the years I've tucked it beneath the surface, collecting dust, screaming to get out.
Finding that voice and giving it wings, and letting it fly. Nurturing it and working on instinct. And most importantly not caring whether or not others think it 'good'. All that matters is that it comes from a place of truth and authenticity. Straight from my heart, straight from my soul, My creative soul slowly making it's way out of the shawdows and into the sun.

This is what this piece is about for me.

What have you tucked deep inside, nestled in your soul, hidden in the shawdows, that is aching to reach the surface? Give it a voice and set it free. It'll change your life. It has mine.

Have a beautiful day (despite the crappy weather here in Toronto)!


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