Friday, September 4, 2009

Remember When little Xavier was so little!! I so love these pics of him when he was only two years old. Here we are in Muskoka for a wedding. Back in the day when my engagment and wedding rings fit me! I have not been able to get them back on after delivering Elisa!!! oy. I so miss wearing them. Even my fingers got fatter. Yikes. Just looking at myself, seems like a million years ago even though it was only approx three years ago. I seem to have aged since then!

These were the days when:

me and xavey would sing songs and repeat nursery rhymes over and over and over and over while lying in bed until we both fell asleep

xavier would collect all the smallest bits of things and carry them with him everywhere and even to bed, like bottlecaps, broken wheels from his toys, a pine cone, some coins, and any other little do-dad he would find along his way

when he would wear what I chose for him without a care

when he would wear hats in the summer

when he would out-of-the-blue hit one of his little friends and send them off crying

he would go to bed at 8:00pm SHARP after a bath without a fight

take a bath without a fight

when he would sleep in my bed, and we'd have to be face-to-face

we would go for long walks around the neighbourhood smelling flowers, naming thier colours, and collecting sticks and rocks (ok, so maybe we still do this... good habits die hard)

you were, and always will be my sweet little boy

we love you so very much

More pics on my list to scrap. Seems like this list keeps getting longer and longer. I NEED to make time to do this. I'm getting farther behind than I'd like. Seems like I've been creating less and less these days but my brain is exploding with ideas. Me's thinking this is what's contributing to my foul mood these days. When I don't have time to be 'in my own head', alone with 'my stuff', I start to go stir crazy. Oy. Hopefully this weekend I'll find some time and release with some therapeutic time with me and my papers. Let's hope.

It's Labour Day on Monday for us Canadians, which means we have an extra long weekend. Thank goodness. Love long weekends.

Have a great long weekend!


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