Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Found Talents!!

So.... I've been inspired to embroider. Yes. Embroider. I used to cross-stitch to qualm my nerves when pregnant with both my children. But when born, it was put away to gather dust. Until. I. Found. This. And This. And This. And This. And This. I couldn't resist hunting out all my DMC floss, my hoops, and my aida cloths. Thanks to Playingwithbrushes for posting these awesome antique patterns.

I chose this one. I saw it, and knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to make it all pretty with the most pretty floss I could find, and then use it for one of my many journal covers. I'm going to cut out a peep hole from the cover, and put this in from the back.. I'll show you when it's done.

But first, the process:

1) Choose your embroidery pattern

2) transfer the pattern to the aida cloth. You can use a transfer pencil and an iron, the easy way. Or my way, punch holes through the lines with a sharp instrument, then lay it on the cloth, and run a black marker over the holes to transfer it to your cloth. Instant transfer. Ha. Me need to invest in a good transfer pencil. Or any other good ideas to do this??? super easy and super fast??
Then put the cloth in a round hoop for easy handling.

4) choose your floss

5) stitch your pattern and then go back and fill it in with your choice of stitch(es). In pink floss I used a running back stitch to ouline and then couching stitch to give it a raised look.

But, if you're just totally not into embroidery, these are just too cool to pass up. You can print them out and use them as patterns to further cut out from patterned papers, or colour in with copic markers; or watercolours; hmmm the possibilities are endless.

I'm trying to curb my scrapbooking spending so what better way then to find many uses from one thing!

OK. Off to make some dinner. The kids and I are starving... oy.
Happy embroidering...

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

We are so on the same wavelength. We are going to be good friends. Oh yes.
Love the music on your blog too.