Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bits of Me

Here's my newest page using one page of my backgrounds...

Once you have a background, it's so easy to put something together. This was tons of fun to make. And it was a very last minute thing to. Worked on it to submit to a challenge, 'to make something that represents you, incorporating inchies (1"x1" square pieces of art) into your project.

Fortunately I had some inchies left over that I purchased from ArtCHIX Studio a while ago. They came in handy!!!

I'm trying to find a fine balance between family, art-ing (no, not farting - I meant to say art-ing - chuckle). Not sure I've found it yet. Not even sure it really exists. The kids still need so much of me and I so desperately need some me time... not to mention having to work 'work' in.. so, so hard.

This was a very good excercise for me.

Thanks for coming by,


p.s. Dina visited my blog and commented on my backgrounds!!! Love it! Thanks for the Kudos Dina, I really appreciate it.

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