Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yet Another Journal Cover

Yes, another one. I just love creating the covers for my moleskine journals. It's just so much fun.
The woodgrain backgrounds are digital papers I printed up. It uses up tons of ink but I really love the texture it adds to a page. Bought the digital papers here and here and here which I used on the back cover (not shown here).
The blue glitter ribbon, and the pom-pom ribbon are my ultimate favorites right now. I bought the pom-poms in every colour they had. Laugh. Yeah. A little obsessive. You think? Smile.
Ribbons are a tricky thing to nail down. I like to use double sided tape. This holds it down nice and flat and keeps it sturdy. I also like to use glossy accents on the ends to keep them from fraying and making a mess of your masterpiece!
For the centre of the flowers I used brads, but I didn't put them through the cover, I didn't want the brads to show in the back. So I pulled out some glue dots and stuck them on that way. And boy, once you put down the glue dots, they are down. Don't think you're going to be able to take it off cause you ain't. It'll rip your paper underneath to shreds!! Trust me, I've tried. So, that's the awesome thing about the glue dots, whatever you stick will be stuck for good, so for my journal cover it's great cause it'll be able to withstand the abuse it'll eventually take.
Another little trick I like to do is using pop dots (not glue dots) to raise some of the embellies to give it dimension. Here I used them on the butterfly to raise one of the wings. And again, on one of the birds to raise it further up from the other bird. Gives it a cool, 3D effect. Adds so much more interest to your page.
And one of my most favorite photos right now is of this tree I pass everyday when I go to pick up Elisa from the sitter. It's a gorgeous, mature, humongeous tree. Everytime I pass I can't help but look up and enjoy. Love trees. I only wish my home had more property, I'd have tons of gorgeous trees... they're sturdy, strong, beautiful, especially when the branches and leaves sway to the music of the wind. So pretty.
On that happy note, I'll be off to do some laundry, tidy up the house, and hopefully get some scraptime in.
p.s. I'm working on something pretty exciting. Can't say anything right now cause don't want to jinx it, but wish me luck. Yikes!!! Keeping all of my fingers crossed.

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