Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Technique

So, I visited Scrabooks Etc website, and as I was browsing I found this great link here. It's a tutorial on how to transfer an image using packing tape, a photocopy of a photo using an ink jet printer, and some water. And that's it. Simple, and fast and the result is a transparent, dreamy like appearnce of your image.

So I got my supplies out and my first photo wasn't the best, there was too much white and not enough contrast, but the others I made came out fabulous.

Here's the page I created with an image of Elisa, called, Elis-uccia:

Click on image to enlarge

Cool aye! I should have used my brayer or a credit card to smooth out the image when I adhered it to the page. I used gel medium to glue it. You can see the lumps and bumps where it wasn't laid down properly. Oh well, live and learn. I still really like the effect. I'll be playing some more with this technique, until something new catches my fancy! Smile.

Off to create some more.

Have a great Sunday everyone!