Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Blog Banner by Fifi Lapin

Kindred, offers some really awesome 'free' desktop wallpapers.

I added my current favorite wallpaper as my blog banner. How cute is it? It's by designer Fifi Lapin which you can find here.

I've been working on two new journal pages for my Journal of Interest - slowly but surely getting it done and enjoying every minute doing it.

I ONLY wish I had more alone time to do it. Feeling so bogged down with kids, work, house keeping, laundry, and all the little things that complicate life.

Wishing right now I had a ticket to the sold out Silver Bella, a weekend retreat to indulge in some awesome crafty goodness with the likes of Pamela Garrison and Teresa McFadyen.

Off to do some drudge work... and back to work on Monday.

Happy Sunday,


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