Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dad 1955

I have been meaning to scrap these pages for a very long time. I finally did it. Since losing my dad I try to make every effort to commemorate his life. His birthday was this past June 23rd, so this is for him.

These are pics of my dad when he was enlisted in the Italian army in 1955. He’s so young and so very handsome in these pics. It’s no wonder my mom was head over heels for him!

I used packing tape to transfer the image for a b/w photocopy of the pictures. Love the effect. I’m now doing this to every photo i can get my hands on! Yes, I’m a little obsessive!!

Supplies Used: Creative Imaginations pp (Italian map); Prima alphas; Cavallini and Co vintage stamps and ephemera; pom-pom ribbon; Prima lace stamp; Tim Holtz vintage burlap, vintage photo and red brick distress ink; Making Memories tiny alpha stickers.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

My workspace! My hole in the wall! I haven't done much with it since I came back from an extended maternity leave this January. It could use a total make-over. It needs to be more inviting and happier looking. It's looking pretty pathetic these days! I figure if my walls are all prettied up, I may enjoy coming in every day! Laugh. Yeah, right! Smile. For now, I have pics of my 'famiglia' and that always puts a smile on my face.

On another, more creative note, this is a card I made for Domenic last night, from the kids. I haven't made cards since Christmas, and think I should get back into card making. It's nice to have a stash on hand for whatever occasion comes up; fathers day, birthdays, mothers day, weddings, births etc. I hate having to buy cards when I very well know that I could make my own, and add my own personal touch, which most people appreciate.
Supplies Used: pp's Sassafras Lass; cork; cardstock American Crafts; alpha stickers Making Memories; tab Heidi Swapp
I hand cut the mushrooms from a template I got off Scrapbooks Etc website. They have a ton of free patterns available, deers, birds, flowers, bunny, owls, ets.. very handy for card making.
Happy creating folks.
A bientot!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yet Another Journal Cover

Yes, another one. I just love creating the covers for my moleskine journals. It's just so much fun.
The woodgrain backgrounds are digital papers I printed up. It uses up tons of ink but I really love the texture it adds to a page. Bought the digital papers here and here and here which I used on the back cover (not shown here).
The blue glitter ribbon, and the pom-pom ribbon are my ultimate favorites right now. I bought the pom-poms in every colour they had. Laugh. Yeah. A little obsessive. You think? Smile.
Ribbons are a tricky thing to nail down. I like to use double sided tape. This holds it down nice and flat and keeps it sturdy. I also like to use glossy accents on the ends to keep them from fraying and making a mess of your masterpiece!
For the centre of the flowers I used brads, but I didn't put them through the cover, I didn't want the brads to show in the back. So I pulled out some glue dots and stuck them on that way. And boy, once you put down the glue dots, they are down. Don't think you're going to be able to take it off cause you ain't. It'll rip your paper underneath to shreds!! Trust me, I've tried. So, that's the awesome thing about the glue dots, whatever you stick will be stuck for good, so for my journal cover it's great cause it'll be able to withstand the abuse it'll eventually take.
Another little trick I like to do is using pop dots (not glue dots) to raise some of the embellies to give it dimension. Here I used them on the butterfly to raise one of the wings. And again, on one of the birds to raise it further up from the other bird. Gives it a cool, 3D effect. Adds so much more interest to your page.
And one of my most favorite photos right now is of this tree I pass everyday when I go to pick up Elisa from the sitter. It's a gorgeous, mature, humongeous tree. Everytime I pass I can't help but look up and enjoy. Love trees. I only wish my home had more property, I'd have tons of gorgeous trees... they're sturdy, strong, beautiful, especially when the branches and leaves sway to the music of the wind. So pretty.
On that happy note, I'll be off to do some laundry, tidy up the house, and hopefully get some scraptime in.
p.s. I'm working on something pretty exciting. Can't say anything right now cause don't want to jinx it, but wish me luck. Yikes!!! Keeping all of my fingers crossed.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Technique

So, I visited Scrabooks Etc website, and as I was browsing I found this great link here. It's a tutorial on how to transfer an image using packing tape, a photocopy of a photo using an ink jet printer, and some water. And that's it. Simple, and fast and the result is a transparent, dreamy like appearnce of your image.

So I got my supplies out and my first photo wasn't the best, there was too much white and not enough contrast, but the others I made came out fabulous.

Here's the page I created with an image of Elisa, called, Elis-uccia:

Click on image to enlarge

Cool aye! I should have used my brayer or a credit card to smooth out the image when I adhered it to the page. I used gel medium to glue it. You can see the lumps and bumps where it wasn't laid down properly. Oh well, live and learn. I still really like the effect. I'll be playing some more with this technique, until something new catches my fancy! Smile.

Off to create some more.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Two More Journal Pages

Here are my two latest journal pages for my 'Journal of Interest':

(to view details click on image to enlarge)

Supplies: Sassafras Lass pp; Jenni Bowlin pp; Anna Griffin pp; Hambly transparency; cork board; K & Co. inchies; Melissa Frances green rhinestones;

(to view details click on image to enlarge)

Supplies: Jenni Bowlin pp; Making Memories 'Vintage Finds'; Jenni Bowlin jumbo rhinestone brad; Sassafras Lass pp; Heidi Swapp Jumbo flower; Prima blue flower; Cavallini and Co. bird and next stickers; real tree bark; transparency (unknown)

I'll finish the journaling when it's all done and I can enjoy some quiet time.

For a scrapbooking page, you could easily incorporate photos - which I still may do. A page in never really finished until it's finished. Smile.

And folks, I'll be participating in the 12 of 12. Yes. 12 photos on the 12th of every month. It's a reallly cool way of documenting your day, on the same day every month, and at the end of the year you have a really awesome doucmentation of snippets of your every day life for that year.

On the 12 of the month, I'll be documenting everything from the minute I wake up to the minute I put my head down to the pillow. Everything and anything that represents my day:

- the time on the clock,
- my daily routine; espresso; toast; waking the kids up
- taking the dog out to pee
- picking out my jewellery
- watching treehouse and YTV
- searching for hundreds of 'choo-choos' Elisa manages to lose a day
- my computer and my blog
- my scrapping activity

Whatever I'm doing that day. A snap shot of the ordinary everyday things we do. What a cool way to document one's life. I hope I can keep up with this. You really should give this a try, it's going to be so much fun.

Check out the 12 of 12 website here for samples of others pages.

I'll be using this template found on Cathy Zielske's blog. Thanks to Cathy for making this super-easy to do. Cathy also gave an awesome tutorial on Ali Edwards site found here.

Off to enjoy another 'rainy' day.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Blog Banner by Fifi Lapin

Kindred, offers some really awesome 'free' desktop wallpapers.

I added my current favorite wallpaper as my blog banner. How cute is it? It's by designer Fifi Lapin which you can find here.

I've been working on two new journal pages for my Journal of Interest - slowly but surely getting it done and enjoying every minute doing it.

I ONLY wish I had more alone time to do it. Feeling so bogged down with kids, work, house keeping, laundry, and all the little things that complicate life.

Wishing right now I had a ticket to the sold out Silver Bella, a weekend retreat to indulge in some awesome crafty goodness with the likes of Pamela Garrison and Teresa McFadyen.

Off to do some drudge work... and back to work on Monday.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Then and Now

My sister just sent me this pic of me and Elisa of when Elisa was a mere few months old.
I so miss these days of her snuggling on my chest, with my chin on her head. This is how she would sleep for hours, in my arms, and me reluctant to put her down.

This is Elisa now! Little Miss Independent, wanting to do things on her own, "mommy, me do it". How is it that they grow up so fast.

Next thing you know, I'll be old and rickety, and she'll be carrying me!!! Good Lord...

Have a good one folks,


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What? Is it really true? it really August already?

I just can't bear the thought of the summer ending. Soon it'll be September and we'll all be wearing sweaters in no time at all.

I don't have much to report - I'm not really in the mood to blog, feeling lazy today, but I really wanted to post two pages I made last night.
Monkeying Around:

Xavier's 1st:

pssst: by clicking on the image will enlarge it if you'd like to see details.
Have a happy August 4, 2009.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Head Shots

These two shots are to be added to my roster of scrap projects!

Their faces say it all.

Elisa is happy-go-lucky, an extrovert, and always ready with a smile.

Xavier, on the other hand, is quiet, apprehensive, and shy.

They couldn't be more different than night and day. But, the one thing they do have in common is that they're both equally oh-so-cute! I could just eat the both of them up.

Ok, I'm really tired now.

Gotta hit the hay, it's now past 12:00 am.

A demain mes amies