Thursday, July 9, 2009

Woe-eth Me

So I've been banished from the office for two weeks. I have a viral eye infection that apparently is highly contagious. I give it a couple days before the whole family gets it. Woe-eth me! I've been washing my hands so much they're red and parched. I've disinfected the entire house in the hopes of not giving it to my kids.

I don't mind the part of being banished from work though! I could really get used to this 'working from home' business. You know, answer an email, nap, answer an email, surf the net, answer an email, talk on the phone... anyway, you get my drift.

I've managed to complete a few pages:

On this one I used one of my favorite quotes by Kalil Gibran, "Beauty is not in the face it is a light in the heart".

This page is in response to Creative Therapy, Catalyst #69, "What is your favorite thing about where you live?" Our little house may be old, but we love it. This is the place we come home to eachother where we are family. What could be better than that? My dream come true.

This one is about my little Elisa! I told you these photos of Elisa would show up time and time again. This is another favorite version of these photos, "Girls In Summer Dresses". Love love love that little dressy from Etsy!

Have a great day one and all.

Off to a doc appt. to check out my eyeball and make sure she's a-healing.


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