Sunday, July 12, 2009

Title Suggestions?

My little girl! What can I say. She's an eccentric one! She loves her pearl necklaces, she loves her pink everything, she loves her 'chou-chou', and she loves her purses (see background on the floor), and she loves her underwear on her head! Her. Underwear. On. Her. Head. Oy.

What am I gonna do with her. This is how she wanted to go to the sitters. We had a fight over taking her 'hat' off. She cried, I screamed, and finally we compromised with her wearing a different 'hat' on her head. This time, a REAL hat! Double oy!

She's a stubborn one, with a very distinct sense of STYLE. Oh yes! My little trendsetter. Laugh.

I am going to try to scrap this pic today, tonite, sometime soon. This one is a must. But titles, I've been racking my brain for a title for this page. Any suggestions? Something funny, and cute.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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A bird in the hand said...

I have no suggestion, but this little sweetie is adorable!