Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Another rainy day in Tornto.
This is what our sky looks like today.
It's making us all go a little stir crazy.....

Elisa won't take off her Spiderman swimming goggles. No Dora for this little spit-fire. Here she is watching Toopey and Binoo ready at any time to go for a dip in the (non-existent) pool.

And then there's Xavier. Xavier who will not entertain his mom and pose nicely for the new camera she just got. Here he is yelling, "mom STOP it"...

So, since I have no decent photos of my kids to show off, I'll post about my newest journal pages. Hmph!

Love this pp. Can't remember who it is though... Scenic Route, KI Memories. Geesh.. don't remember, do you?? but I love it.

Finding me! Yes, when you become a mom you tend to lose track of who you are and get lost in all the mommy-ness and forgetting to take care of your own self. I'm at a point in my life where I need to get back to ME. Take care of ME. Love ME more than I have in the last few years.

A couple of pages of my moleskine journal. White on white. Love it. A subtle subliminal message.. Journaling yet to be added to page on the right. Used Golden Titanium White fluic acrylic paints, and black oxide, which has a grainy, somewhat glimmery sheen to it.

I must create. Yes, creating makes me feel good.

Another in my moleskine journal. Little Elisa in her pretty colourful Etsy outfit.

If you haven't already seen my last post, please make a visit and see the video. Name the critter and you could win a Heidi Grace paper pack. Check it out.
Thanks and happy 'rainy' Sunday.

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