Saturday, July 18, 2009

Page One and Two

..of my Journal of Interest.

So many possibilities here. How easy would it be to turn this into a scrapbook page.
And here's page 2:
Giving myself permission to use all the products and things I'm sometimes afraid of using.
Isn't it crazy. I buy all this stuff to create with and yet I'm often hesitant to use it for fear of wasting it, or making a mistake! Such a nut bar I am!

Signed and dates to commit myself to using all my product.
Here are some fun pics of the kids yesterday in our neighbours pool.

One minute they're best buddies.

The next minute they're fighting. A love hate relationship. Isn't this typical of boys, though?

And of course, always trying to outdo one another. Here's Xavier testing out his high jumping abilities off the deck into the pool.
And here's Jakson going down the slide backwards, sitting up!!!

Oy! Then there's little Elisa watching in wonderment, trying to get in on the action.

Poor kid, she has no chance with those two big galoots!

I don't think I've ever seen two boys stronger and leaner than these two. My gosh, with all that running, jumping, biking, it's no wonder! I should follow suit, I could use a bod like that!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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