Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Extra, Ordinary Life

It all started when Eddy, our most favorite neighbour (who will be moving away at the end of August, to all of our chagrin), knocked on our door and asked the kids to come on out to look up at the sky:

This is what we saw. Someone in the lane way behind the other side of the street was flying a kite, REALLY, REALLY high in the sky. It was a perfect breezy day to do it too. It looked very cool so I had to run and get my new camera and take some pics.

In the meantime, on the way home was Kathleen, our other favorite neighbour walking Wellington aka "Welli", Elisa best-est friend:

Welli grew up with kids and is the friendliest, most well behaved dog ever. We just love him.

Then came along Jakson and Ceana, with their parents, our other favorite-est neighbours, and off they ran to Dave and Kathleen's to say hi to their dogs and reak havoc at their house:

Elisa ran straight for Matilda, Dave and Kathleen's other dog, to receive wet kisses! Matilda is infamous for her kisses.

Elisa just thinks it's the funniest thing in the world.

The girls played ring around the rosie until they got dizzy and literally fell down. Over and over and over again.

And the boys, being boys, wrestled until it got so rough Xavier was sent home. Yup. No more wrestling for them:

And that pretty much called it quits for our day. For some reason playing on someone else's lawn and house is so much more fun. The kids love hanging out on Eddie's grass or Dave and Kathleen's. So funny, kids are.

So the mayhem ended as quickly as it started and we all made our merry way home.
This is our typical day. All the neighbours come out, the kids play, the parents talk, and take pics (well I do anyway! smile), and then it's bath and bed time. Just the ordinary, yet the extraordinary days of our lives.

And a page to tote. Here's my ode to my one and only, Salvador Dali - an artistic genius:

"take me I am the drug, take me, I am hallucinogenic" -- Salvador Dali

Love to all, hope you have an extraordinary day!


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