Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ode to Alex's Rocker Days

I would like to introduce you to my 16 year old nephew, Anthony and his band mates:

Anthony is the really cute dude in the middle with the hat on! He's the bass player.

This post is dedicated to my brother Alex, and his rocker days!
Remember hanging out in smoky bars, jamming and trying to get the chicks?
Staying out late and getting into trouble.

Remember going to Steve's Music Store and buying a $1300 guitar with credit without having a job or any money to pay it back?? And dad made you take it back that very same day. Tell Anthony that story! Smile.

I post this because Alex gives his son Anthony, who's now 16 stress about his hair, his clothes, and the his loud, very loud band. Yes, Anthony is in a band. A. Rock. Band.

So, in Anthony's defense I wanted to remind my big brother of what it was like when HE was young and 'senseless' (laugh), since he has long forgotten, and I thought I'd better send this reminder:

Remember the hair, the really long rocker, feathered hair? that you coveted more than your family.

Remember the REALLY, really tight, extra slim jeans? that showed off EVERY curve and swerve. LMAO.

And the obsession with getting that really long hair just right? and the hours spent in front of the mirror trying to look cute?

And the obsession with tinkering with cars, REALLY fast, sports cars? Camaros, Z28's, what else was hot at the time?

Hmmmmmm, sweet, memories.
So, Alex and Anthony, looks like you two are more alike than not. Like Rocker father, like Rocker son. Anth is a rocker off the old block. Smile.
So Anthony, when your father starts to give you a hard time about the hair, the music, the band, just flash one of these photos and tell him to just 'Chill' - he actually turned out pretty ok, and so will you! tee hee.
Have a great day one and all.

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