Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Pages

My first attempt at using my Copic sketch markers. They give the effect of watercolour paint and I just love them. They're an alcohol based marker so you can practically use them on anything: paper, metal, plastic, pearls, chipboard, etc. I was introduced to these by Pam Garrison who works wonders with these markers. Oh, for an ounce of her talent!

Here I took about a zillion shots of Xavier. Couldn't decide which photo was my favorite, so I used three of them! He's such a cutie. He's as devil'ish as he is cute! Lord help me.
Great Sassafrass papers and alphas here:

And my little 'el-ela' aka Elisa. All girl, with a dash of tom-boy! Panties falling off, one slipper lost, you just can't see the part with her brother's bicycle helmut on! She's such a doll. With a strong right hook! Laugh:

And another of my little guy Xavier, chasing waves in the Dominican Republic, without a care in the world. Oh to live everyday like this. Love this little pic of him x100, and that little stamp by Prima, those yellow alphas by AC, and the little rubon from Creative Cafe:

These are all pages in my Moelskine journal I posted about here. I'm loving the smaller format.
Happy Belated Canada Day! We're a young 142 years! Although it wasn't so happy here in Toronto. Our workers strike is still on and all celebrations were cancelled. That really sucked! Not to mention the stench of the garbage collecting in in-proviso dump sites aka garbage strike. GROSS. Get back to work people! I have no sympathy!!!!
On that note, have a wonderful day.

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