Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Happy Space

This is most definitely my happy space. In all it's messyness and chaos right now, I absolutley love it. So photo friendly when it's in this state. This is after I have made something: drawers are gaping open, bottles are out, paint brushes all dripping in paint, papers, glitter, and embellishments are all out in the open ready to be used. It's a cacaphony of scrapping goodness screaming 'use me'. Laugh.

What it's really saying is 'clean this damn mess up, will ya'!!

My scrap space is in the basement. It's my dedicated space. Just me and my goods. My simple sanctuary. It may be old, and ugly but it's my happy space. It's where I get to be alone and create whatever I'm in the mood to create.

I was on Two Peas gallery today and I saw a really nicely designed scrapspace and thought, 'geesh could I really create in a space like that? I'd be scared to get paint on the brand new cupboards, or scratch up the table top, or get glue all over the place'. Then I thought of my space and you know what, it's just perfect the way it is. No worries about spilling paint, or ruining the table top, or leaving drawers open. Just freedom to create. Absolute freedom. It's the best.

Speaking of which there is a magazine created by Mary Engelbreit called, Where Women Create. You must check it out. The spaces are so diverse and all just so beautiful. Not stiff and stuffy, but used, and beautiful, and energetic and full of life and colour. So beautiful.

I'd love to see pics of your creative space. Leave a comment and a link to a pic of your scrapping space for us all to see.

Happy creating,


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